Legendary drops being very unfair?

I’m been farming Meg for a while now to try and get the Torrent SMG because I REALLY want that gun. I have got about 12 drops from her currently and only one of them has been a Level 70 SMG. All have been non-elemental even though the wiki says they come in all elements.

I love that we can now farm but I feel the drops are being really stubborn and unfair, anyone else have this issue?

I have the opposite problem, I am trying to grind the luck cannon and it keeps giving me torrents and flakkers instead.

now the drop rate for legis are increased perhaps is now your chance to get one :thumbsup:

Thats the way its always been (at least in the prequel and BL 2). In BL 2 I farmed Doc Mercy over a thousand times and had the infinity only drop twice from him. In the Prequell, (even with them upping some of the drops) the machines are still a better farm, now I will say the final boss in Claptraps DLC does have a very good drop rate, I always get 2 legends and one glitch weapon.

Yeah, I’ve been farming for a Flakker ever since I hit lvl 50, but no luck… only put in a couple hours so far though.

@David93 You mean unlucky, right? If you start to take the RNG personally, you’re going to have a tough time.