Legendary drops from the warrior on TVHM

Hi guys

Just a quick question. When you kill the warrior for the actual mission “Talon of god” or whatever it is, is he supposed to guarantee a legendary?

I know he has an x% chance when just farming him, but i thought at the end mission it was a guarantee, but i think he is holding out on me.

TIA for you help

He can drop one , but it’s not guaranteed

It’s a very high chance but it is worth pointing out that the Purple Skin it drops is also a “Legendary” and so is the Orange Handsome Jack Mask (although that is more obvious). So it could be these two or the actual gear which is quite BS if you ask me (this also applies to the normal 1:10 chance as that also gives you only one of the drops).

Ahh right, i got 1 rifle, 1 head, 1 mask and a shield all purple, so i guess that will have to do

Thanks guys

I got Conference Call on my first run in PS4.

It was public room, host and the other guy were like greedy rabid skags eating loots left and right. I was left with nothing but eridium and money.

But what I found behind the objects around? Conference Call.

Must be suck for the greedy host. lol

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