Legendary drops from tubby/chubby

So I’ve come across few chubby skeletons, rakks and spiderants and have not yet gotten a legendary from either one. What is the probability rate of them dropping a legendary? So far I’ve gotten blues, greens, and just simple amo.

Should(?) be almost one hundred percent chance(for coms) on umvh or the op levels.

Yeah, are you playing TVHM? In UVHM, it’s so rare that they don’t drop something legendary that I think it fell off/through the map when it happens.

Chubbies show themselves in nvhm and tvhm; tubbies in uvhm

Ok what is them and nvhm? I’m not understanding the conversation.:sweat_smile: I play on the PS3 that’s all I know

Which level are you?

NVHM = Normal Vault Hunter Mode (First playthrough)
TVHM = True Vault Hunter Mode (Second Playthrough)
UVHM = Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode (Third playthrough, you can also reset this mode and do it all over again)
OP-levels = Overpower levels 1-8 (These are a tougher challenge of UVHM)

In NVHM and TVHM the enemies you refer to are known as Chubbies, and although they have a couple of rare items in their loot pool, they’re nothing special. In UVHM, they’re known as Tubbies, and up to level 61, they have the same loot pool, and it’s pretty much the same chance as with Loot midgets, but from 62 and up, Tubby enemies can drop the legendary class mods (Reaper, Sickle, Nurse, Cat, Engineer etc.) These were added on in the second UVHM upgrade and have a pretty high drop rate. Pearlescent guns are still rare, though.


Also be sure you aren’t mistaking Pearlescent weapons for Blues, they kinda look the same at first glance. If you look at the description and there is red text it is either a pearlescent or unique. Pearlescent is a lighter shade of blue.

I’ve seen that happen. I had a legendary fly way out of bounds randomly once. It was odd.

Unfortunately I’ve had plenty of Tubby enemies drop nothing in UVHM. RNG likes to mock me sometimes.

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Could be worse- you might get a skin/head you already have, a WTF or even- dare I say?- a Bunny…:grin:


With my luck, the LLM’s seem to always drop an e-tech relic I have absolutely no use for, or an underleveled Gub. :wink: Nah j/k, sometimes I really do get good stuff from them… I fist pumped when one dropped a Binary Thunderball Fists once. That gun just wrecks.

Ok I understand now thanks guys