Legendary drops still feel terrible

Since there are only 6 viable guns I decided to farm for class mods, but drop rates are abysmal now.

I farmed the Freddie area of Handsome Jackpot and after a few runs I started getting zero drops from the badasses, named enemies or Freddie. Zero.

I cleared my cache (Xbox) and made sure the hotfix was active.

Guys… I’m running out of steam here. At this rate I may uninstall and not even come back for future dlc that I’ve already paid for.

This game turned into a train wreck and it’s sad to see. I was having a lot of fun until mr10 and all of the loot issues it brought.


it’s brutal. just take a break until the patch comes with the guardian takedown release/update. Should be before June 1 I believe but I haven’t seen an official date stated by GearBox yet.

legendaries are to hyped in this game…

they should buff ALL weapons, not only legendaries…

if they had a D3 style difficulty slider they could have legendaries drop in higher difficulties as they are dropping now. and purple (blue and green to lesser extend) would be great weapons at lower difficulty.

atm, the legendary spam pretty much killed difficulty scaling (without scaling legendaries and drops to higher mayhem levels)

I’m taking a break. Between the lag on PS4 and the horrible loot drops, definitely putting this game on pause until Vault Hunters confirm it’s running the way it should.

Consistently getting greens on a Mayhem7 Boss drop/farm is just lame. What’s the point of ranking your character up?

June 4. It was announced on the Borderlands Show this morning.

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You should not get zero from Freddie because the auto-aim is a guaranteed drop. Are you not even seeing that?

Haven’t been playing the last two weeks and won’t until loot drops are fixed, mayhem is stabilized and Cartels is done and gone. Then I can focus on the good content. Dlc and takedowns.