Legendary engineer, soldier or ranger

To me I’ve tried all three on making various builds. Using the same gun and relic with bar on. Imo the engineer mod is not really worth using. With max possible turret cooldown it is slightly faster then the soldier with 5 pts in the cooldown skill. Maxed out battlefront also does not make up for the damage lost on the soldier mod. If i didn’t have the soldier or ranger I’d toss it. The ranger is situational. If you’re able to keep kill skills constantly on it can out perform the soldier damage wise and fire rate wise. Sucks that it wastes one of the 5 skills on ranger. Definitely a great mod for team play with the team shield boosts. But no matter what due to the soldiers versatility. It still comes in second for general gameplay and probably the worst for bosses. What do you guys think about the other two coms. And are there builds to make them a little more viable solo wise?

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They’re not going to outperform the Soldier COM… it’s hitting all the right marks, and works in pretty much any situation. The Engineer and Ranger COMs are still quite viable for a Commando though; they’re just not the Soldier. As you say, the Ranger COM rocks if you can keep the kill skills up. I like the Engineer COM when I’m using Nuke to kill things (I’ll immediately recall the turrets once they’ve Nuked, so that extra cooldown is nice to get it on deck again).


Just trying to make a build thats similar to the cookie cutter but fights my playstyle a little more. Doesn’t help that some of the guns i like using are less viable into the op lvls

Which is more prefer at op5-8 gemini or double up?

Both? By the time you get there, you’ll have enough points. If I had to only pick one, I’d get Double Up for the slag, but that’s just me.

It was recently revealed that the Leg. Ranger doesn’t actually properly boost Onslaught, so it isn’t as good as either of the other COMs. I like the Soldier because it’s very well-rounded.

Also, if you go for Gemini, there’s an exploit that allows you to gain kill-skills if you quickly grab your second turret. It’s worth mentioning, although Double Up would probably still be better for extra slagging.

You can try a 26-15-26 build if you can’t decide which one is better, suit the most to your playstyle.

L. Soldier is the gold standard for nearly any build, although if you’re going with a more explosive build like I am with my current Axton an Expert Grenadier might be a better ft…

A Veteran COM with +6 in Steady can be a good addition for an explosive build.

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Leg. Ranger helped me get through Magic Slaughter. I’d say it’s best on slaughtermaps, since there’s not much room for retreat, so you’re forced to kill your way through and chaining kills is what this COM is about.

The Legendary Ranger is mediocre at best and outperformed by regular blue and purple mods, and is bugged so it doesn’t actually boost Onslaught. The passive is…interesting, but honestly a DPS bonus would have been much more desirable, as Axton’s legendary DPS com it falls flat on its face compared to Maya’s and Zer0’s.

The Engineer is basically a worse Soldier with negligibly better cooldown. The grenade damage from Battlefront is said to make this mod better than the Soldier for explosive weapons but I’d argue most of them heavily prefer the fire rate/reload speed and actually having DPS in the absence of the turret.

It’s a pity they made such a hash out of Axton’s Gen 2 legendary coms, it could have been substantial boost to the character’s strength and versatility had they approached them in a less reserved direction. For other classes the 2nd gen Legendary coms tend to be more popular than the initial ones (for good reason) yet in Axton’s case the Soldier still surpasses the new ones at everything.