Legendary/Flavor Text weapons: too many?

As I’ve only recently rescued Hammerlock, and I’ve completed most side missions up to this point: my safe (of 50 slots) is full of only flavor text weapons, plus 13 in my inventory (equipped and non) comes out to 63. I feel like they’re too common? In a way? Like, compared to the previous game, I feel like they drop way too often to be super unique, as I feel they should.

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Welcome to the forums, and yes most people here will agree that this game has an overload of legendry’s and unique’s, and a large majority of them are just not very… legendary or unique.
I am afraid that a lot of previously very good weapons you will find have been nerfed into oblivion, there are still some awesome ones out there though. I would suggest finding out some good ones for the VH you are playing and sell the rest as junk to free up space, have fun and good luck :smiley:


I’d recommend you not to keep stuff that you’ve outleveled. Most uniques in the game you can get through Crazy Earls eridium vendor, the exception being DLC stuff and the Bekah.

In my mind there is no such thing as too many items with unique effects, however I will say that some of them really could be better.

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Keep in mind that right now there is an event for guaranteed drops from dedicated sources. Not sure how it acts exactly on Normal, but I guess it’s the main cause why you are seeing a lot of drops right now.

It works on Normal just as you would expect: pretty much every named enemy drops a legendary. So, even with minimal map exploration and sidetracking, plenty of good stuff to collect even in first play through.

We can’t even get the Bekah?

What an utter, compete waste it is, then.

It gives new meaning to “Vendor Trash”.

The Bekah sadly isn’t a mission reward and thus not included. But at least you can get the Cloud Kill which is fairly good, albeit corrosive only.