Legendary Gear And Their Drop Sources

A handy collection of Legendary gear and where to get (some) of them

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Glad you posted this, shows us just how bad most of them are. One or two seem worth using, but most of them are useless.

Bring back the Grinder!!

Better list


Ah, thanks for this one. Great list. It actually looks like there are good ones there.

But the argument still will rage on about how effective they can be in PvP due to the activation cost. 3 green or blue ones will likely always give better benefit for a majority of the match.

And how many people have actually collected more than a couple? I’ve had 2 in story modes, both the same from Geoff. I’d like to see Gearbox wise up, there is a lot on that list, people want them…in this life time :blush:

Someday,people will discover shard generating grey gear and the Plasmite transducer.
Then,maybe,they’ll stop saying legendary are useless in pvp because of the cost.
(slowing on auto atk once every 10s for Marquis is worth more than anything else you could buy with shard in game. Just one example,with one legendary.)

Some Legendaries are pretty great. Some, not so much…

Agreed, I think all legendaries need a bit of a better rework. Some of them have activated functions that are too specific or limited to be of any real use, and their base stat values are weaker than a lot of green or blue gear. Ones like that need to be rebalanced, definitely

One of the simplest solutions would be to give them the same treatment as normal gear, and make their cost based solely on the stat bonuses. I understand this might be hard because of the legendary function itself (some are worth it, some aren’t) but you could just assign that part a flat value, and make the remainder of the cost vary based on the stats.

It’s bad enough that legendary equipment can vary in strength anyway. IMO all legendaries should be allowed to vary, but any loss to one stat needs to be reflected as a boost to the other stat. Instead of finding a duplicate legendary that is ENTIRELY better, I’d like to see legendaries that have a stronger stat one way or the other, so that you might even find two of the same legendary with differently skewed stats, and that might somehow suit two different builds you play.

And yeah, Legendaries in PvP are really easy to get. Open LLC packs, get some green shard generators with penalties that don’t affect your favourite characters (like -15% reload speed for characters that don’t have reloads), pick up a shard cluster or two along the way and by the time you’re level 3-4 you’ll have a legendary with no hassle.

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