Legendary Gear Drop Rates From Bosses

is it just me or is the drop rate for legendaries bad at the moment?

ive finished 21 story missions mostly public and not seen a single one.

That actually sounds about right. I played 60+ story missions in the Beta and only got 2 legendaries, and that’s with spending all my dough on Epic gear packs as well.

Finally, a legendary Plasmite Transducer from ISIC

That’s a nice one!

Yeah, looks good…cant wait to take it for a spin

Yeah I’ve gotten three of those. And that’s all I’ve gotten as drops.

I wish I could trade in legendaries for others, I just want Geoff’s drop.

On that note, do we know if Normal Hardcore or non-hardcore Advanced has the best droprate?

I’ve played 35ish games and I’ve got 3 legendaries. Normal matchmaking since I don’t have friends for advanced.

A bit off topic, but what is the best way to get Legendary Items?

Well you can buy the most expensive loot packs if you’re high enough level. Completing Lore challenges for each character will get you hero specific legendaries. Outside of that it’s luck it seems.

I would say pve, so far for me( maybe its luck, most probably ) but from the map heliophage mission normal mode

Are there specific legendaries to each boss/miniboss :astonished: ?

So far from story I got a legendary “Blissbeast” drop from the voids edge, but wasn’t sure if drops such as that are boss drop exclusive.

I think it is just random luck last night I got 2 legendaries in a row from same boss, Jailer Hylis. The Vow of Vengeance and The Stable Executioner, can’t post pics right now I’m on my phone the SS are on my ps4.

And boss’s do have specific legendaries, I received Vyn’sQuiver from Gaurdian Vyn during The Sentinel mission.

Ok so an interesting thing happened. We were farming Geoff for his legendary drop and felt like clearing all off Algoritm each run. We got two DIFFERENT legendary armors from ISIC: one with the ‘25% damage taken turns into shards’ and then the following run we got one l hadnt seen before: ‘when reduced to 10% life you become immune to damage for 5 seconds, once every 60 seconds’

So bosses have several legendary drops then?

Yes, they do. There’s specific legendary drops for bosses.
Check this table here.



Yeah got some up on the site, also working to get some more stuff on there

Nice, thanks for the information everyone. :smile:

They drop alot more in advanced even though it isnt in a public, ive gotten a nice few. I think about 3-4.

Yeah the drop rates is sad. Greens and whites. Most recently I seen none on advanced.

all I want is the Stolen edge of Arcvynorr. It’ll go perfect with my Attikus load out

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