Legendary gear have own drop day?

well, I know this question is look like stupid, but can’t stop ask this question.
every game what have farming or gamble content have similar rumor(example : if you hunt some monster in 7:00 PM, you get rare weapons / if you wait 9 second and open card pack, you get higher grade card)
but today, I get 2 Shield Web Interdictor. and I already get 2 Hate Reflector in another same day(I can’t remember correct day).
I still trying to get Poor “M-Pulse” Controller but Galactic Emperor don’t want drop Poor “M-Pulse” Controller for me and other boss give me their useless legendary gears. damn I don’t need same gear

Shakes Magic 8-Ball ™

“Ask again later”


Best. Reply. Ever. :joy:

Mate, Atleast you’re getting legendaries. Been playing more PvE lately to see if I can get anything good, but nope. I haven’t gotten anything at all. Just epic gear and that’s because I bought the **** packages.

What does this have to do with the question at all?
And having a lot of legendaries doesn’t mean you can use them, if you are playing the wrong characters.

Anyways, I haven’t gotten the same legendary by playing the same mission several times. I know it doesn’t prove anything, but… More glorious data. ;p

Oh ****, I read the post all wrong. I thought he was complaining about not getting legendaries, my bad. Its 3 am here and been reading a lot of post about Overwatch this Overwatch that, so it’s been irritating me quite a bit. Again, my bad.


Yeah, I understand that irritates you. ;p


Spamming missions never worked for me. But I alternate between pvp and pve, and I get one every couple missions. Couple = 5 or so. Hell, I’ve gotten four duplicates at least, and aside from character leg.'s I probably have 8 different ones at least. And I mainly play pvp. So far, I don’t think they increased the drop rates for advanced/hardcore, so I wouldn’t waste the time going into those modes, either. Happy hunting!