Legendary Gear - no reason for RNG

Alright, I’ve look at the other threads and decided that I could bring something unique to the discussion.

How Legendaries work:

Legendary Items (character-specific and packs and PvE items) all cost 1800 shards, have a static bonus to two stats, and some weird tertiary stat. The legendary gear item gets some backend random number, which it scales to the first and second effect... I THINK the third effect is unaffected, but not sure (might differ from item to item).

So, now we arrive to the actual discussion point:

Why do the legendaries have random numbers at all? They're hard enough to get as is, and if you're unlucky, you've got a garbage min-stat roll item (or several). All Legendaries should have max stats. Not only does that correspond with the price increase from Max stat common --> epic --> Legendary (420 --> 1050 --> 1800), but it also eliminates the need to balance around the first and second stats. For the balancing department, it becomes simply "what is balanced for 750 extra shards?"

This is **NOT** a discussion about:

  • Legendary nerfs or blackouts
  • That character legendaries are now static
  • What we do or do not get in patches
  • Trash talking people that do things
  • “I farmed XX hours/days to get blah blah and QQ”

Additional notes:

In my opinion: Legendary drop rates should be higher. ALL Legendaries should have max stats (Including character ones). "Because Randomness is balanced for everyone" is a dumb reason.

I completely agree. Legis should all be stat-maxed. If not, they should cost less than 1800 to pop if they have suboptimal stats. Ideally they should just be stat-maxed.

It’s the right thing to do, Gearbox. Make it happen.

If the developer desire is absolutely to just have more grinding in Battleborn, then I’d love to see a new sub-economy implemented by which you could craft up suboptimal stats on all gear items. The groundwork is already laid in BB Tap, with the Scrap system.

When selling any gear item, you could be given a choice: Sell for Coins, or Break Down for Scrap. The Scrap could then be used to boost the stats of gear items, with higher-rarity items requiring more Scrap per boost. I’d be almost as happy with this solution as just with stat-maxing all Legis, but in terms of coding, I think maxing the stats is much the simpler solution.


I agree, legendary gear should have max stats, else you might as well call it “possibly legendary gear”. personally i have gotten no problem looting legendary gear, but i’ve read posts of people doing a PvE mission 50x without getting any so i guess the drop rates should be increased.


Yea, a conversion system would be amazing. Maybe a 5–> 1 ratio?

Break 5 items down to obtain “essence”. 1 essence can be used for a loot pack of that tier, or to improve/max an existing item of that tier.

So, for example:
5 common = 1 uncommon essence
Spend 1 uncommon essence to get an uncommon pack or to max stats on an existing uncommon.


I have to agree with you. The drop rates for legendaries should be buffed to BL2 & BL:TPS drop rate for legendaries loot levels. I’m getting annoyed every time at a Normal/Advanced Mission keep seeing a green/uncommon gear. I want to see better loot at least 4 to 6 boss kills. Not at every 10 or more boss kills. Since their is no boss rush ( kill the boss mode)in this game, The drop rates for legendaries in BB should be at least double or tripled like the legendary drop rate for BL2 & BL:TPS.

This past weekend, I decided to try and take advantage of the 2x credits by running The Renegade and The Sentinel as much as I could (Advanced Solo), trying to get a VoV or a better Vyn’s Quiver (I have a Vyn’s, but it has poor stats). I ran Renegade around 10 times and Sentinel around 20. All I got was a Stable Executioner with very slightly better stats than my previous one - and SE is a semi-worthless gear piece anyway, due to the very low relevance of recoil in the game. VQ > SE for any character with a reloading gun.

Point being yes, the grind is real :disappointed_relieved:


We are thinking very similarly.


I totally agree. My Legendary stats are all over the place. I’ve got two min-stats, two max stats, and everything in between.

I get wanting people to replay through the story, but damn.

I think in the meantime this is a yes I agree.

But if they implement the additional gear stats I and others suggested in the Suggestion Megathread to affect drops, rolls, color, etc. I would be all for having the variable stats (though I REALLY feel like they must at least have variable costs if they’re going to have variable stats)

edit: it wasn’t the megathread, it was here:

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For the simple reason of how RIDICULOUSLY LOW the drop rates are, they should not be RNG. It’s just stupid that you can farm an advanced mission for literally 30 hours, finally get what you are going for, and then have it be min rolled.


Legendary gears shouldn’t be RNG numbered. Those should be maxed out from the beginning.

Now, we just need to get the bulk of the community to support this idea and then have someone official agree that it “should” be that way.

But hey, we got them to change character legendaries to static (though, average instead of maxed), maybe this will work too.

Imo, you’d worked for the Character legends by doing the lore challenges for that BB and so you should be a awarded with a perfect Character legendary… but NOT for the boss drops, keep them random stats cause then only thing that would differ from each other is what gear we would use besides the legendary and what skin/Taunt :confused: Plus it would take away the PvE part of the game for most people… Cause only reason PvP’er’s do PvE is for the story once and then the legendary chance… if you give perfect stats on ALL Legendarys once the commander gets them all ( Lore/Character and Boss Drops) all is left for them to do then is PvP… It would lower our player base even more if that does happen…I enjoy the PvE aspect of the game more than the PvP, and I play PvE all the time to get them legendary and hopefully get a perfect one :stuck_out_tongue: but if I was to get a legendary with guaranteed perfect stats… once I get all the legendary’s what would there be for me to do?

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So we agree on max character legendaries. cool

At the end of the day, I just want it to be easier to get legendaries with max stats. Whether that means that you get max stats every time, or that you get legendary drops more often (like 50% chance, rather than 3% or whatever) or that means some sort of crafting/enchantment system to make legendaries. I don’t care the method.

And to address your PvE point: There are something like 40+ individual story-mode legendaries. Even if you get 1 every game, that would still be over 40 games to collect them all. Since the drop rate is more like 1 every 5 games with the potential for dupes, you’re more likely looking at hundreds upon hundreds of games. I think you’ll stay occupied.


I’m fine with the Legendary gear being RNG. I just wish the cost reflected the stats. It’s not really fair to have the lower stat gear cost the same as the higher stat gear. Sure, it gives you more incentive to play and get the gear, but at the same time if you’re using the gear in a Versus match it’s not fair that you have to earn the same amount of shards as someone else to unlock an inferior piece of gear.


I completely agree, if your going to have full cost activation, they should have the full bonus. I can only speculate that they originally intended to have max stat legendaries (hence the static cost) but decided to change them to random quality in order to extend the acquisition period.

Something to keep in mind, drop rates and loot quality are the most common complaint across all games that have a loot hunt aspect. As such, it is the least likely to be addressed by developers. Even when the requests / complaints are valid, they are typically ignored.

Generally speaking, most designers belive their loot system is fine as is and any complaints are just the result of people that don’t want to spend time “earning” the “quality” gear, or are never satisfied no matter how good the loot is.

I think the only reason GBX took the time to change the Lore gear was because you could only earn it once.


I really agree with shard cost reduction, max stats is also a good solution but I doubt gearbox would go with it for already mentioned reasons.
A lot of legendaries really straddle the line between worth it and not worth it. Especially the ones with stackable effects that tend to offer a smaller increase per stack where the difference of 1-2% becomes huge.

I’m still staring at my Executive Insurance Policy with near minimum stats. Salty.

[quote=Executive Insurance Policy]+111 Maximum Shield Strength
+1.11 Bonus Shards per Second
Gain an overshield for 8 seconds after your shield charges to full.

AND I’m unsure if the overshield is affected by the roll.

Go into private and try it outreal quick; report stat here? And someone else does the same? :slight_smile:
i dont have it or id do a quick test to start it off.

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150 overshield. the number is so “perfect”, I assume that it is the same for all.

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