Legendary gear problem

so i just got her to level 15 and supposedly if you get a character to level 15 you get a special legendary piece for that character you worked hard on. yeah I don’t have the piece for it and does it like go on your loadout automatically or what cause I think it is glitched out please help on why and how I can fix this

You need to complete the lore not level 15

Go to character screen click on your BattleBorn then scroll over to the lore section, it will tell you what you have to complete


To be more specific.

Complete all Lore Challenges for legendary gear (one will also unlock a taunt).

Complete Rank 15 for another taunt. (Note you will unlock skins, mutations, and packs as well).

Do both and complete one match at rank 15 for a skin and your ‘Master of’ title.

thanks !!!

what happens if you have it all completed ??]

You get the character specific legendary gear item. It will show up in your gear tab.

does it notify you or something sorry for bugging you a lot

Press your options button in gear tab and sort by newest, it will be at the top (after you’ve finished all the lore, of course)