Legendary Gear/Skill Interactions

Is it just me, or is there a significant lack of interesting gear + skill + weapon combos to make a build around?

For example there’s the frozen heart and action skill start combo, or the similar Frozen Snowshoe + snowdrift + Moze’s Tenacious Defense that takes the idea a little further
Cutpurse +facepuncher/rocket boots/slam.

It’s hard to think of many more off the top of one’s head. On top of that, many interactions that seem like they should work just don’t.

It’s these unique interactions between disparate gear that make the game and build creation interesting imho.

I’m at the point where I’d like to see some new types of prefix/suffix rolls on artifacts to play with, a couple of new class mods for each VH, and perhaps most controversially, I’d like the ability to equip a second artifact to really try and create some wild interactions with skills and gear.

The potential for power creep is there and a balance pass might be tricky but I think it would really open up potential for build creativity.

I’m curious as to what everyone else thinks?

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It sounds like you’d enjoy the builds of this guy. We need more like him.

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This is what I mean! There needs to be more of this kinda stuff.

Go try a game called Nova Drift if you’re into this kind of thing. No other game comes close, and probably won’t for a good while.

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There’s a lot… How viable they are in M10 is debatable

How balanced they are… We don’t talk about balance in this game… GBX hates balance…

Do folks think it’s a wasted opportunity that more of these sort of interactions aren’t viable?


There are a lot more of these than you think. For example, effects triggered by Critical Hits work well with FL4K’s Megavore skill.

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Also lots of guns (not including launchers) have splash damage regularly, like the Flipper, Beacon, Tiggs Boom, etc., which all get synergize well with a bunch of skills in Moze’s blue tree.

Yes. I think bl3 is to simple of a game at its core which in turn breeds alot of conformity as diffculty rises. If you want a game with alot build variety I’d reccommend poe, grim dawn, or my personal favorite dragon age origins not as complicated as poe but you can mix match alot and still walk around with a viable character.

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stop gap-bloodletter-health regen.

yeah, legendary gear and skill interaction is being overshadowed by anointments in BL3.


Maliwan Beacon and the Clone. Since the clone fires a full magazine out, and the Beacon Nova does more damage the less ammo is in the mag on reload, the clone actually finally has a weapon that makes sense to empty and has a bonus for it.

This also encourages a rough and in your face clone swap style which we normally avoid because his best use was spamming big splash stuff that would kill him


and transformer.

Yup, so Beacon can finally get away from that so we can use Frozen Heart :slight_smile:

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@cailte you already know about Skag Den splash DoT being used with big shock DoT weapons to create Massive Fire DoTs that I then proc with a Hellfire with CritDotNova anointment. That’s by far my favorite of the Gear/Skill interactions.

Amara using her Elemental skills to turn a Hellfire into a Freeze Gun because the way DoT mechanics work and Elemental Bonus stuff.


Yeah that’s my current favourite. I have a rad scourge that I’m using on a Sabot rocketeer Moze with that elemental anointment. As much splash radius as possible and the widow maker grenade. Three elemental types without using anointment.

I’m not really looking for builds, I’m more asking for a variety of new equipment to play with to make new builds with and variations.

If Gearbox is not looking to make new vault hunters, I’d like to see gear being utilised to expand upon the play styles available to our current hunters in addition to expansion on the skill trees.

I want more.

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Do you know about the Hawk FL4K and Space Jam builds?

Basically Megavor + 300/90 Unforgiven + Spark plug or hunter seeker grenade. Both were raid viable back in M4, and I believe Space Jam still wrecks Wotan in M10.

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There are a bunch that are out there. Unfortunately guns keep getting nerfed or as the power creep comes in they get left in the dust. I think this game is best when people find those interactions. There aren’t as many being used because there are so few guns that are usable in M10.