Legendary Gear suggestion

So I have a couple of…complaints regarding legendary gear and my first one is the activation cost. 1800, seriously? Thats a lot for a set of gear that has pretty ■■■■■■ stats. My second complaint is what I just said, ■■■■■■ stats. I just got Deande’s and I only get like 8% attack speed and I think 4% cool down. That is really bad as for I have green gear that has better stats then that so therefore, I suggest they should either lower the activation cost or really buff the % of those stats.

I believe redoing legendary gear is on their fix list.

I agree that Legendaries are incredibly underwhelming right now. I have 3 from the packs I got for the deluxe edition and I don’t use any of them because I have white and green gear that’s better and way cheaper.

I think they are going to change it so Legendaries have set stats instead of random and improve them. Right now, they aren’t even remotely worth using, which is disappointing :frowning:

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But there is the special effect, which almost act as an additionnal Helix unlock. Also they may ( may ) come with otherwise impossible to get stat combinations. Can an item roll Attack Speed as primary and Cooldown reduction as secondary ? I found a site listing all possible combo but I can’t seem to find it back…

Woah the stats on them are random? Are you serious? That is horrible! lol

I don’t think so but I am saying I have two separate gear that comes with a lot higher stats then the two stats in the legendary.

Indeed, but my point is that that high cost of the legendary comes from having a potentially impossible combination of two very sought-after stats AND a Helix-worthy special effect, all of these justifying the high activation cost. Also it’s still only one slot. I for one am quite okay with the passive stats from legendaries being lower than even white pieces of gear as it enforces the notion of decision.

And yeah it’s random for now but it should be set to fixed values for character-specific, challenge-obtained legendaries, not for dropped legendaries :wink: