Legendary Guides

Here will contain all of my videos which show you how to obtain each legendary.
Use CTRL+F to find the legendary you want!
This is currently a WIP series.
I am taking requests for the next weapon to have a tutorial done for.

If you feel I have missed something in the video, then let me know. Check description first!
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Here will be all the legendary weapons in the game.



Unkempt Harold

The Gub




Logan’s Gun

Thunderball Fists

Submachine Guns

Baby Maker


Here will be all the legendary shields in the game.


The Bee


Don’t forget that Lee can spawn behind the fast travel station. If you see red dots on your map next to the Catch-A-Ride, then Lee’s back there. I’ve read that version is more generous with the Harold and the one I got off of him came from that spawn and not the regular one.

New videos from Thunderball Fists and on will include commentary :smile:
Also waiting for thumbnails to update…

Are you only able to obtain torgue tokens through the downloadable content

Yes. You can only obtain and spend Torgue tokens in Torgue’s DLC.

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I take it the higher the mode the better the Torgue token drop rate in the bar area or no?

I don’t know, but I do know the higher the bar brawl, the more tokens you get as a reward. You can also play the slot machines in Moxxi’s bar, or do any of the other brawls to get tokens.

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The mode doesn’t affect the amount of torgue tokens you can obtain.
Per tier 3 bar room brawl run each badass enforcer drops 1 token, and there are 5 of them. Then there are 20 tokens for the quest reward, so that’s 25 Tokens per run.
In overall you can get any torgue legendary in 25 runs which IMO is pretty good, especially if you have a sham and a norfleet.