LEGENDARY GUN SINK because selling for cash is pointless

Marcus should have a specific area to turn in our level 50 “JUNK” legendary weapons, shields, and cosmetics into and a tracker to keep track of how many of each individial manufacturer has been turned in. Then using points gained by turning in legendaries can be used for unlockables such as skins, charms, room decorations, or stat bonuses.

The end game is very rewarding - legendaries drop quite a bit more often than in past game mode - but there isn’t a sink of any kind other than for useless money. By implementing a system where players can turn in legendaries for points, it incentivizes against hoarding them in the vault where most guns will lay dormant.

-Positive feedback loop to help badass hoarders break the habit of trying to hoard every legendary they find.
-Eliminates limited storage space problems by incentivizing selling unwanted legendaries into a beneficial system.
-Saves Gearbox the headache of building a larger storage solution for every player (I’m unsure how resource intensive remembering moer than 50 guns for each player would be, but with this update, they don’t need to expand the inventory space).
-Makes players feel better about selling legendary items at all. They convert into exclusive points that can only be gained by selling them at this vendor.
-Marcus currently buys legendaries and doesnt put out for crap, its a ripoff.
-Saves Gearbox the headache of balancing legendary drop rates, cause they’re rare - but not rare enough for a game without a sink. This is a legendary sink that could entirely resolve the problem of high drop rates.
-By keeping the drop rates where they’re at (elevated) players can experience more of the crazy guns that are out there and also make the objectives in this update idea more obtainable.
-Presents an opportunity for more easily managed LONG TERM content that Gearbox can easily justify with their budget in a free content update to players. There is afterall one vendor spot on Santuary with a sign that says “Sorry, Were Closed” as if its reserved for an idea such as this one.

-Keeping track of how many of each manufacturer is sold can award a currency item or point specific to that manufacturer OR simply provide awards based on number of that manufacturers items sold.
-Said currency items can be used to buy exclusive gun skins, character skins, charms, drop rate perks for that manufacturer, performance bonuses withany gun of that specific manufacturer, and more.

Example: Player has 5 torgue guns and 3 hyperion guns to trade in. The player gens 5 torgue points and 3 hyperion points to spend. At 5 points, a torgue weapon skin can be unlocked. At 15 points, a torgue weapon charm can be unlocked. At 50 points, the head of torgue himself can be unlocked. OR Torgue weapons gain a permanent boost of 5% explosive damage.

What are your thoughts? If this idea makes sense to you, PLEASE CUT YOUR HAND AND MAKE A BLOOD OATH THAT YOU WILL HELP ME GET THIS ATTENTION. End game players NEED THIS.

Suggest alternatives if you’d like - but I particularly like a specific vendor to sell to. Even if it has to be something in Marcus’s area, whatever. He’ll shoot a guys knee out to test if a gun works so I don’t like him. haha.


I’m Nail, I’m 38 and I’m a Hoarder since BL1. I came here for help, please take this man’s solution and let the good work continue.


It’s such a good idea! I’m in Mayhem 3 now, and with my guardian rank giving me a loot bonus + the 500% i get legendaries often, but I will run out of space quickly too. I probably have 30-40 legendaries now and nothing to do with many of them.


ive lost my bank storage twice, but im not mad since it gives me more space to store stuff.

But then Gearbox would have to start pumping out a literally endless supply of new cosmetic stuff for players to purchase because players would be farming a LOT of Manufacturer points.

And turning in Manufacturer points obtained for weapons or other equippable gear would be pointless because why use points obtained from trading in Legendaries on gear of rarity less than Legendary?

That leaves just Cosmetic things, and Gearbox would have to appoint a few or a lot of staff to doing nothing but pumping out cosmetic stuff for players to purchase with these Manufacturer points because I guarantee with how people farm, they will be turning in a LOT of Legendaries, VERY quickly, getting a LOT of points, and needing a LOT of things to buy with them.

And I can guarantee they’d rather have their Legendaries.

Also what did you mean by “the head of Torque himself”?

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They could get a page from Diablo 3.

Allow Legendary to be salvage by Marcus for special legendary crafting material which can be use for crafting say

  1. Full Reroll of an existing Leg. Maybe you need 10 of legendary craft materials
  2. Reroll a stat on a leg -> 5x mats
  3. Reroll a anno on a leg -> 20x mats

The founder of Torgue is a character named Torgue.

Stat bonuses like the badass rank system could be used. Keeping legendaries is pointless if you have over 30 of them. There’s plenty that I have that will never really be used, but they take up space and they’re seemingly worth more than what Marcus currently offers.

As for long term support for a feature like this? I feel like that shouldn’t be a problem. It’s the best selling game Gearbox has ever made for one, and for two - its endgame is severely flawed currently because there is no real infinite mode to it.

I don’t think banking every gun that you find is a workable solution from a technical standpoint because of the memory management that would go into it. Since the guns are randomly generated, you can’t just catalogue the guns the same way destiny does. Destiny just uses boolean logic to tell if a player has a specific gun or not. In Borderlands, they’d have to literally store every characteristic about the gun - skin, parts, stats, each gun would be stored individually in its practically infinite amount of possibilities.

The solution to this is to create a sink such as a vendor to sell them for manufacturer credits or something along those lines, where players can get a bonus exclusive to those manufacturers or cosmetics etcetera. Cosmetics would be pretty easy to do, especially gun skins. Animated gun skins may be a little harder, some of the ones they already have are pretty cool. Either way, I think it would be worthwhile.

The biggest perk about it? Nobody is going to see your vault of guns, they can’t tell if you’ve put in minimal work at end game or a lot of work. There’s no distinction between a savage borderlands 3 player and someone who barely plays after beating the game.

A sick ass gun skin and cosmetics that represent the fact that someone sold 500 torgue guns, or 1000 maliwan guns will help make that distinction very clear.

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@Krausladen good points.

What I meant, though, was, unlock Torque how?

Torgues head, idk, it was an off the cuff suggestion. Torgues head as a weapon charm would be funny.

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Gotcha, thanks.

That would be funny and cool!

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An interesting suggestion. Wouldn’t hurt to see it possibly implemented.
I’m still likely going to hoard. Not every legendary, mind you (I’m still literally never going to use a WTF shield or a rubberized grenade), but there are some fun things you can do once your guardian rank gets high enough.
That being said, if I can’t get my armory, I’m totally fine with making 50 mules with 30 backpack space each. Take your pick as to which you would rather do to save server space XD

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Lol I’ve been doing the same thing.
Do you have them labeled by manufacturer and wearing skins that represent them too?

Mules are so useful. Oh but are you using mules via splitscreen or playing through the story on a character, because splitscreen mules are so much easier.

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his full name is Mister Torgue Hi-Five Flexington.


I know. And that’s amazing. thank you!

EDIT: And he has a very talkative Grandmother!

Bring back a little bit improved version of the Grinder from TPS.

Getting money from legs is pointless, there’s nothing to buy.


I like your idea , but not for what it is supposed to solve. I’d like to have this alternative on top of expanded storage. :yum:

I’m doing the story. But I only need to get them to Sanctuary, which takes about an hour. Since SDUs only require cash now, I just go kill a few bosses as Amara at lvl 50 and let the lost loot container do its job. Instant 30 backpack space.

How does split-screen work?

Maybe have it where you turn in 10 kinds of a legendary weapon for a random anointed version of that weapon. Example turn in 10 legendary assault rifles and get a random anointed assault rifle. At least this way those are going to use instead of in the bin or not picking them up at all.