LEGENDARY GUN SINK because selling for cash is pointless

I must be slow, I clocked 1:30 - 2 hours at my “Max speed”

Open the pause menu, press X on your second controller, go to the quick change and label them “Dahl Weapon Storage” ect, give them the items, press options on the second controller, go to quit, DO NOT SELECT QUIT TO MAIN MENU, quit with the left option, then quit player one.

The SDU’s are currently 8 tiers tall, I think they should be at least 10 tiers tall. More bank space is welcome don’t get me wrong, but even then they can only add so much to it.

Maybe they should have another seperate SDU shop using eridian. Idk.

Either way, a legendary junk shop would still be super nice, cause even duplicate legendaries will inevitably become a thing after people grind enough.


My banks full, and i need a place to turn these duplicate legendaries into so i can make more room.


There isn’t a true end game yet.

Definitely not a true end game. I haven’t played any xbox since filling up my bank with no where to put the stuff.

I’m totally down with this idea since adding too big of bank space could lag the game even more.

Although, I prefer to convert 1 legendary with sum of money (eg 500K). I play BL2 hundred of hours even after the last DLC was announced and there is no need for money for the endgame. Even though right now is better with SDU costs money, it’s easily capped out even before TVHM.

I really prefer we could use our money to grind for legendaries since currently there is no need for money in the endgame as well

It’s my favorite method. I try to stay organized but I often need a new mule a moments notice. I currently name them
artifacts1, 2 etc…
classmods1, 2, etc…

Yeah I hear you. Mules seem to be of great use by a lot of people. I haven’t played bl3 in over a week now. I maxed out my space and have no where to put it, but I also don’t have a mule ambition. So im screwed unless they implement some sort of trade in system.

Presequel already had a similar mechanic with the grinder, where you could reroll legendaries, and even have a bit of control over what type you get… But apparently that wasn’t good enough for BL3 :expressionless:


i like
wouldn’t be surprised if bl3 waits for things like this until dlc… it’s what games these days do no?
stretching content… have content for one good bl3 game, cut it into little pieces, sell it as dlc.

Your idea is good but I cannot see Gearbox being able generate an endless supply of cosmetic items to meet players demands. Even now I’m finding the current cosmetic’s quite limiting and not that great.
For the collector’s among us, I think a system that allowed us to scrap with the ability to digistruct those items later for an Eridium cost would be good.

However I’ve no real solution how this could be achieved as many weapons and gear have unique stats. If the game needed to store all this information then it’d probably be easier to just increase the vault storage and provide better sorting tools in game.

I was very surprised that we didn’t get a grinder mechanic.

What really sucks is that we all know they’re going to raise the level cap, so all of the crap we have right now will be completely irrelevant when they do raise it. I just hope that UVHM does end game better.

I’ve set Borderlands 3 down for long term, I don’t even want to play it anymore because there is nothing to do with all these legendaries. It seems like a totally pointless grind to go through without something to turn them into. A conversion of some kind is all we need.


Maybe having a way to exchange 10 legendary items to buy 1 additional bank slot could work as an infinite sink.

We need an infinite sink to keep playing this game. I just can’t bother playing BL3, I really do love the game but until there’s an infinite feature end game I’m putting it down.

Even if it was just turning them in for points as a measure of prestige against other players, something like that could work too.