Legendary Gunzerker Mod, best way to farm?

Im currently Level 69 and have been farming for this class mod since level 57. I spent a couple hours doing the loot train, then after that about 7 hours farming loot midgets with no luck. I would assume loot train, loot midgets, and pyro Pete would be my best bets. Didn’t know if anyone had any better farming spots? Thanks!

The Legendary Gunzerker only drops from Tubbies. The places you’re farming are sources of the Legendary Berserker. They’re totally different coms.

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What @ACNAero said. You’re farming the wrong source. I like Arid Nexus the best but The Dust is also a really good location for Tubbies.

Lots of people (inlcuding myself) have had luck farming tubbies in The Dust behind Ellie’s. I’ve gotten a bunch of legendary COMs back there.

Arid Nexus, both Boneyard and Badlands; The Dust, behind Ellies’s garage; Frostburn Canyon, going up the side towards where the Lascaux is found; Tundra Express, the farmhouse…all are good areas for Tubby hunting.


Thanks for the replies! I feel dumb thinking it dropped from the LLM’s, I’ll start my tubby farming after work today.

Don’t feel dumb at all. It can get a little confusing sometimes!

Also, since you mentioned that you’d been farming “since level 57”, the newer Legendary class mods, like Legendary Gunzerker, don’t start dropping until around level 62. So looking for them before you’re level 61 or higher is a waste of time. And you might want to wait until you’re level 63 or higher, since tubbies often drop under-leveled gear.

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Just an update if you were curious, I spent a little under 2 hours at the creature slaughter dome and got:

2 legendary Titan mods
Legendary hoarder mod
Legendary solider
Legendary sniper
WTF shield
Legendary Gunzerker!!!

Pretty impressed farming this place. Thanks again!

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