Legendary items giving away

For now, These are all I have
but in the future, I’ll update the post with more legendary items!
Leave a comment with your Epic games ID / The name of the item you want
Items will be given out first come first serve.
The limit is one item per person
Note: This post has been posted on both Reddit and Gearbox forum.

Btw, Check my fl4k guides when you’re bored!

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Already Taken -
MIRV HEX / Cryo Faisor / Night Hawkin / Fire Crossroad / Snow Drift Idol with the mag size

MIRV HEX nooooooooo

I might get more of it in the future. XD

Can I ask for the other Snowdrift Idol?

Of course! I’ll add you. What’s your epic games name?

I’ll take the Zane executor mod if it’s still available.

Epic name is thysari


May i get the Binary Cutsman?

Epic name: Kazikate