Legendary Items, how many are there?

I was just wondering if anyone has figured out how many different legendaries (fully different pieces, ie more than just stat differences) are currently in the game?

Just curious how many I have to go to complete my collection, any information would be helpful. :slight_smile:

I am not currently sure about this, but I am fairly sure there is one for each battleborn, one for each boss, and then extra “random” ones from packs or drops.

I also just found out that you can get some that don’t cost 1800, though it looks like a mistake, as I have that same item in purple with very similar numbers.

Yepp, I know there are 26 personal legendaries, rewarded for the lore challenges. The bosses however seem to drop differing numbers of specific legendaries. As well as I’m unsure of how many legendaries are simply lying in wait in the loot packs. My current collection is up to 15 legendary items, 3 of which are lore related, and one of which is the Corpse Reviver, which I believe is the one you’re referring to with the lower than 1800 cost.

Are legendary weapons quite frequent in this game then?

I’ve just started playing yesterday couch co-op and three hours in we’ve got about 20 legendary items between us - seems cazy comapred to B1 and 2 ?

This is a thread for Battleborn, where there are no legendary weapons, just gear.

Also, this thread is four years old. Nearly as old as the game itself. The dark art of necromancy, while powerful, is frowned upon here. Sometimes dead is better.


(And now that it’s been brought up, for anyone who sees this thread and still has questions: )