Legendary items in PVP: Worth the cost?

This is a pretty simple question for all of you: Aside from the Alamo 7, do you as players run legendary equipment in PVP? And if so is it worth the shard cost, or do you run them because they’re cool?

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I think the items with 0 costs and some disadvantage that does not mater for your character is the best in random pvp games.
If you have a group where you know that some of them can hold the line till you got your legendary it might be a valid strategy but not so much with a random team.

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In incursion yes since you have plenty of time for shards, Capture i use common items for the quick boost at the start


Depends on the legendary and the character. Some characters and character builds don’t go balls-to-the-wall DPS until later in the match, and that makes certain legendaries worth the wait (you can spend early incursion just hoovering up shards and doing buildables and support). I love legendaries, personally, but I’m also a shard-tard and I will FIGHT people to get at those mid-field shards.

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I run two on Rath (Vow of Vengeance so good and his specific Legend) and two on Kleese but debating on dropping one(testing things).

I don’t try and activate them early though, I spend the first 5 or so levels mostly getting mercs, building robo’s and upgrading turrets. Gotta get to 5 at a decent pace, plus gear is % based so it works better at late levels anyway. 7% attack damage isn’t that great at level 3, level 7+ though it makes more of a difference.

For others I tend to just run one Legend with two blues or sometimes a purple. I haven’t bothered trying to make builds using the 0 cost activation ones because loadouts are already limited heh.


Dreadspectre knows what’s up.

It drastically depends…

I honestly rarely run one, but I do put one on a few of my characters, but even then it to which map/mode I’m in.

Incursion on Overgrowth has a TON of shards everywhere, you’ll have plenty of time to finish that item up, most other maps you may not deliver on, unless you constantly leave combat for them. You can also buy “shard” gear and roll with that to get to your items faster as well. If I were to ever run two Legendaries, I’d certainly be running some kind of shard generator.

I’ve seen a Galilea run three legendaries in Meltdown… it took her forever to really come online even though her first one was a shard generator as well, and she got the last one built in the last few seconds of the game… right before she lost.

You can get early map control by using cheaper items and getting your perks faster… you can get higher levels by using cheaper gear and spending the extra shards on turret nodes.

Basically, it’s a balance. If you don’t mind being under-leveled a bit with a slightly stronger item, and you can get the shards, then go for it. If you’d rather get your perks early, get map control, and spend your shards to level up and build defenses, then go for that. I still avoid them on Echelon, and I have never even thought about trying to build one on Capture.


Some hero specific legendaries have some really big impacts. Benedict’s cool down reduction is very significant and definitely worth the cost.

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If I’m playing with my team I’ll run a purple shard and 2 legendaries for whatever hero I play. Random I run the purple shard and 2 blues.

Depends on the legend, depends on the character the general answer I find don’t use them more than I do use them.

In Capture they are pretty useless as you don’t often get a lot of shards. Every other game mode including PvE, Certain Legendaries are worth it.
Don’t just use Lengedaries because they’re “Legendary”


Yeah as has been stated for capture - running 0 cost shard generators with favorable negative traits (-reload speed while playing orendi) helps to purchase cheap stuff to give you an edge as well as build buildables if needed.

That said it depends on the character for me. I don’t run legendary gear on incursion or meltdown if I’m running a carry with predominantly ranged dps. Otherwise I stack legendaries for characters good right out the gate. My orendi build uses two firmware isic for its chance at 2 second cooldown reduction on every skill use (cooldown and skill use is kinda one of her things) and her character specific. Reyna needs level 4 and 5 so bad so I run very cheap stuff with her so she can focus on buildables. Of course I may just not have found a legendary that really suits her…