Legendary Items (Question/Concern)

Ok, this isn’t a rant, it is more of a frustration really.

But I’ve been after ANY Legendary item for the past week when I found out they were possible to achieve… So, the best way to get one would be farming PvE missions I guess…

Now here’s the thing, I’ve done around 60-70 boss kills (granted, I’m not sure every boss drops one)… But I’ve complete The Algorithm and The Renegade 10+ times each, and the rest a couple of times too, from start to end and I have yet to see a single Legendary item.

Yet I’m hearing about people getting them quite frequently… My concern is, and I don’t usually complain about things like this as I enjoy the grind and the game is amazingly fun for the time spent… But I’m starting to get a little disheartened at the drop rate for the items…

I’ve put in many hours so far and have yet to find a single Legendary item…

(I do know about Lore Legendary items by the way)

I just get this feeling that I am doing something wrong here… I want to focus on PvP soon, but I can’t seem to focus until I get my first Legendary item… I just hit level 30 so I’m hoping the epic packs are going to rain Legendary items all over me…

EDIT - I know legendary items are near useless in PvP, that isn’t the reason I’m waiting to focus on PvP, it is hard to explain why…

Any tips on the most efficient way to get these??

Solo, team, normal, advanced, hardcore, HA etc etc…

Any tips will be appriciated :+1:

(Also, getting Claw Strike to kill 100 Varelsi is reeaaaaallly annoying due to the hit accuracy of Claw Strike being near non existent… But that’s another thread entirely, would like some tips on this from any fellow Mellka players :sweat_smile:)


As far as I’ve seen, legendary drops are completely random and you’re just not getting lucky at the moment. I’ve played The Algorithm something like 15 times and gotten four legendaries out of the deal. Doubles of the same two, though.

Punching the darkness with mellka, just do the voids edge mission and just take your time when fighting the varelsi. Don’t stress about the wolf sentry because it’s pretty durable and you can spend shards to heal it. As for legendaries, I got the three legendary packs with the digital deluxe pre order and haven’t used any of them. Haven’t had any drop in game either. I understand your feelings about wanting a legendary drop more for the sake of it, but I cannot stress how useless the items are for the most part. I’ve seen a few that are game breakingly awesome, but 99% are terrible imo especially for the activation cost. I’ve seen mellka’s lore legendary and I already know I won’t even use it

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I’ve done plenty of advanced missions with my brother and neither of us got any legendaries.
I’ve gotten two so far and they both came from class loot packs trying to get skins for Toby and Attikus

I’ve got the Firmware Update 1.51 C and that’s been my go-to for the most part. Free cooldown reduction across all skills just for spamming skills? That’s pretty awesome. It’s expensive, sure, but on Miko? What do you need gear for? Your job is to spam healing so nobody dies. All you need is a shard item for some extra spending money here or there and you’re fine.

Ive gotten two legendary boss drops so far. And ive done alot of missions. I heard from a youtube video, the guy said he talked to one of the gearbox devs at an event. And the bosses drop rates are about the same as bl2s.

I’m level 35, play PVE almost exclusively and my only legendary is from completing Oscar Mike Lore. My wife got three legendaries last week at command level 25 and my daughter got one in her first match. In fact, all of my children have legendaries and none of them are past Command level 15.

It’s just bad luck.

Are these solo missions or big groups?

I wondering if you get a higher chance if there more people.

Two player co-op, the first time, then solo later.

Don’t bother with epic loot packs, spend them on faction packs. As far as I can tell every faction pack has at least one legendary in it. I actually JUST got the one for Jennerit that I got during Beta again. It gives you +Shields, +skill damage, and gives all your skill damage 15% splash damage. Dunno about the other factions… yet. So yeah, hammer away those faction packs. At the very least you might also get some skins or taunts, lol.

I’m almost to level 15 command rank, so I can actually start doing that in a little bit. Might be worth looking into. I’m real big on the Eldred because of Miko. Might get something cool.

I haven’t played any pve since the beta, but I got one just from a jennerit loot pack. I’ve opened probably 15 or so… They’re not useless for PvP, I paired mine with a couple pieces of white gear. Works out nice. After my first shard route I get the two white pieces and 1800 shards isn’t hard to collect late game. I just don’t worry about it, continue building stuff as needed and before you know it you’ve got enough to get that last piece of gear.

My jennerit legendary has heal power, attack damage, and more attack damage after healing an ally (damage for both you and ally for 5 seconds). Its awesome for Ambra. I like it more than her specific piece actually.

Sweet, so this pretty much confirms there’s more than one legendary in the loot tables. And agreed that one sounds amazing for Ambra. Funny enough using the one I got on Orendi and it makers her a monster. Need to try it on rath or even cal once i get around to unlocking him. Maybe there’s a legendary specially designed for each character in the loot tables, if that’s the case then I’m going to have to go ham.

It actually sounds like a properly specced Miko could make excellent use of this. Just take the healing aura, instead of shared healing, and earn up those shards as quick as you can. Then you’ve got a sustained damage output, stronger healing, and even better damage after healing. It’s perfect.

A dedicated team willing to grind out Advanced+Hardcore missions, probably the Algorithm because of the number of bosses or the Void’s Edge due to the number of large crates, will give any player the highest frequency of legendary items. Additionally, opening up Epic loot packs from the store with your credits will also give you a few chances at orange loot.

Moreover, Legendary gear is not useless in PvP. They provide 2 consistently active buffs and a third buff that you can’t find elsewhere. I haven’t found a non-lore legendary that I want to use in PvP yet, but that’s because I haven’t found many legendaries at all, and I have some solid epics…

And by solid epics, I mean they’re the best epics you can find of that variety. They’re expensive as hell, but once I get them online, I become a force to terrorize my opponents.

Yeah it’s awesome. 4% attack doesn’t sound like much but if you place the sunspot right, 2 allies with 4% each, your 4% (plus the second perk is just straight up 4% all the time), plus a 16% debuff on the enemy when damaged by a sunspot. It makes a noticeable difference.

I’ve played close to 50 matches by now and had 4 legendary drops. Although the cc helmet was garbage. Kinda wondered if its a purple that glitched yellow. Didn’t have the usual 1800 cost and had only two modifiers. The carnage something.

I’m command rank 70, and I’ve bought countless faction packs. I’ve never gotten one from one of those. I’ve only gotten some randomly from Story missions. Seriously, only 2. the other 3 I have are from completing lore.

The drop rates are completely screwy, hands down.

The drop rates are based on rng. If you’re not seeing them, it’s because your number hasn’t come up yet. They’re not screwy, you’re just unlucky. Have patience and you’ll find some. With only a few actual bosses in the game, and their only other spawn being chests, legendary gear is meant to be hard to find and potentially rip PvP and PvE a new one when used on the right character. It’s like the Unkempt Harold all over again, but all of the Legendaries are designed to do that for the right characters.