Legendary items stacked character

Hey guys! Lets imagine that in rated match you and your team decides to pick one specific character to collect and use shards only on legendary gear as fast as possible to make this character super deadly near the mid-end game. Which character you would pick for that? What items you would think of to use?

My quick idea:

To stack Rath with legendary items with life leech for e.g. leechsteal brooch (10% leech on skill) or his class legendary item. In addition i would use shield penetration legendary with some extra damage to shields or preventing shield recharge to make his initiation of combat more powerful. Last item can be pure damage or critical damage.

What are your thoughts?

Honestly, I don’t think most Legendary items have such increased benefits to justify being used over blues/purples. The activation cost is so high for marginally tiny gains usually.

I mean we’re talking % numbers in a game that rarely see’s anything hit for more than 200’s. Not a terribly big gain.

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Yeah but i think leechsteal brooch is very powerful compred to the other legendary items. Maybe there are other legendaries that can bring a lot to the table.

My first instincts are either Montana or Thorn, though I could also see Kleese.

Montana - Damage Resistance (Effectively increases his health pool), Attack Life Steal, Maybe Regen?
Thorn - Skill Life Steal, go-go juice, buildables
Kleese - Max shield + Overshield when shield fills up, grant healing to nearby allies, and cooldown reduction

Regardless of what else you do, start with a plasmite transducer.

Do you guys feel rated games should have open gear option for everyone like other mobas do?

Nope. That’s the little bit of MMORPG element to this game. Well…more like Diablo style loot since it’s just random gear/random stats heh. But progressonish feeling still.