Legendary items w/out anointments: yay or nay?

This thread is for those playing at max difficulty. I can see the value in items without anointments leveling or on lesser difficulty settings but if you are playing on TVHM M4…I’m curious if people are actually keeping/using items without any anointment?

I mean I can see keeping an item with the wrong anointment because you might be able to use it on another VH or with a different build but are people even bothering to save ones without any anointment or just vendoring them?

I have alot but they stay in my bank. I only use anointeds. I’m sure I’ll wind up selling 99% of my non-anointeds once they increase the level cap.


I’ll keep any legendary that is super rare if it does not have an annointment. Things like the EMP5 or redistributor or Tanksmans Shield. Other than that, I’ll move on from most other non annointed legendaries.

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Considering the bank space is 300 and I’ve already reached it and with FL4K Grave Ward running I can get a ton of legendaries in a short amount of time i think I’m gonna start to sell all the ones that don’t have good anointments

Especially since they’ll all eventually be irrelevant with the inevitable level cap increase

My only concern really is artifacts, I’m not really sure which ones to keep and which ones to toss considering they have so many variations

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I don’t use any items without anointments. But I do keep some legendaries (and epics) that have exceptionally good rolls in case Gearbox ever gives us a mechanism to add/change anointments. It’s probably for naught since if that ever happens it’ll likely be after the level cap increase (when all the level 50 gear I’ve saved is obsolete), but I figure it can’t hurt since I’m on PC and can easily create mules to store extra gear.


Really depends on which one it is. Some are so good that they’re better unanointed than most other stuff even with the best anointments. Cutsman and Transformer are nice examples. I’m still using an unanointed corrosive Cutsman against Wotan because it’s just so good.

Can’t wait to find one with a good anointment though.


I have a couple Cloning Ghast Calls I’ve held on to, and a few items from the Takedown.

Honestly, some of the purples - ie, Tediore shotguns in the right mag size/element/mirv/homing are rare enough that I’ve held on to them as well.

I still have some high damage non anointed muckamucks I use on occasion. I can already hit for 1 million inside fade away, so I’m really hoping to find a proper anointment on one… (Though I have anointed versions for Amara already.)

I don’t even look at non anointed items anymore…
I keep one of each legendary in my bank and keep extra ones when they come with particular anointments like gamma burst one or SNTNL one, in case I want to switch to a particular build.
Otherwise I keep the one with the best generic anointment, like 100% more damage or an elemental one (the one that fits the item, like shock/corrosive on a fire weapon)

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short answer is no, long answer is yes a few guns can do well without annointments still but generally their value is ■■■■ all


I finally got a n incendiary cutsman with a good ASE anointment and it indeed shreds even on M4. Considering I’m using it on Amara with Avatar and a Golden Rule I get the ASE effect constantly.

I’ve reached the point where I barely even look at weapons or items unless I’m farming for something very specific. I leave it all on the ground now, don’t even bother to pick it up. I’ve already got everything I need for the characters that I enjoy playing, and there’s just a few special use items that I would like to get. Other than that, I’m just waiting for them to fix the game and then add more content.

I have a corrosive cutsman with 300% damage on phaseslam lol

Got it during the Handsome Jackpot DLC too so the game really wanted to make my life easy. It shreds

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Same. I’ve been running the Takedown and DLC up to MH4 with non-anointed Cutsmans and they work remarkably well. But, Borman Nates gave me my dream Cutsman last night: corrosive with the SNTNL cryo anointment. I couldn’t believe it. I also use corrosive and cryo Dictators, Maggie, Lydudas and Kybs without anointment and they are all very effective.

I am a hoarder, I keep at least one copy of each legendary for collection even if I never use. In m4 I don t use non annointed legendary to play most of them are unusable without a good annoint

I’d say it depends on your character. Amara and Fl4k for instance are much more dependent on anointments than Zane.
Generally I’d say it always boils down to the item. A really good gun, say a Cutsman, is always gonna be better than a pretty bad one, let’s say the Ten Gallon, even if the Ten Gallon does have a god tier anoint and the Cutsman is not anointed at all.