Legendary items: what is chance of *any* anointment?

I’m playing on TVHM M4. I see plenty of legendary weapons. I keep getting the feeling there is something wrong with my game because the majority of my legendary weapons have no anointment at all. This doesn’t seem the same as with other quality weapons. Greens, blues, epics all seem to frequently have an anointment.

This is baffling to me unless this is by design? Is this some shortsighted attempt to draw out the end game by making the search for anointments that much harder because there is such a good chance of getting no anointment you are forced into endless grinding/searching? Is there some other logical reason for this behavior?

This is getting sooooo depressing because I’m not even factoring in whether this is an anointment that I want or whether it’s on an item that I want…I’m only talking about the aggregate of all legendary weapons to have any anointment at all.

Are others seeing this same disparity of anointments on legendary weapons when compared to other quality weapons or is it just me (like just my own warped perception)?

Also, does difficulty play a role in the likelihood of an item having an anointment or is that a completely separate RNG factor not affected by the increased loot chance of TVHM/Mayhem? What logical reason is there for M4 to not reward all items with an anointment regardless of quality? Just because it has an anointment doesn’t mean it’s the one you want so there is still going to be a grind.

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Yes… they want people to keep playing until they sell all the DLCs. To answer your title question… nobody knows.


Totally agree with you… Everytime I complete the takedown on M4 and have zero legendaries with anointments I get really depressed! I still don’t understand why I find level 49 legendaries in M4 either. I’m guessing that the takedown drop is geared to the 4 person player? I mostly do it solo or with one other person and the quality of loot is just sad.


in fact it does the opposite , plenty of post said they are quitting the game lol


I’d say roughly at least half of my legendary guns that drop on M4 have an anointment on them. However the ones rolled on them in most cases are such it might as well just not had one. But hey it made the item score a little higher.

Non Gun items however seem to very rarely have an anointment on them for me.

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Yeah… I agree… I’ve posted several times to that affect. The tedious grind really burns people out.

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Not sure how to answer your question, but I can offer my own words on the topic.

Either way, intended it not, it’s currently a futile waste of time attempting to target farm a particular annointment. In a lot of cases, it’s even impossible to trade or even purchase(from eBay/3rd pty) particular items.

I do not enjoy this implementation.

But for the sake of enjoying the game, the best compromise I am recently trying is just to try and simply enjoy playing whatever class the RNG/gear directs me towards because I’ve realized it is utterly pointless to try and pick a class/endgame build and expect to gear for it.

I’ll make my own fun as long as I can this way. Hopefully something will change and soon, or my nearly 7 year long exclusive Borderlands gaming trip will come to an abrupt halt(or I’ll just go back to BL2 & BLpre)…

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Just wait for an announcement of a level cap increase due to the eventual realization people will have that they need to re-farm certain gear items :stuck_out_tongue:

I get what you are saying and that’s exactly what I been trying to do. Just make due with what anointments I’m given. I’m not even attempting to farm for specific anointments. I’m just trying to get any anointments that I can use. However, when roughly 60% of the legendary gear I get has no anointment at all I can’t even just make due with what anointments I get because I’m mostly not getting any at all. Then of the 40% (or less) of stuff I get that has some anointment…most of them are ones not for a build or class I’m playing.

I’m already playing on the hardest difficulty so I sort of need as much gear synergy as I can muster but the game isn’t providing that because there are so many items just devoid of the end game stat bonus that I assume is designed to deal with the game’s hardest difficulty.

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No I feel you. I get that.

It really sucks because I REALLY want to play Moze right now in a specific way with a specific class mod but I can’t. And honestly, after doing the math on the odds of getting the com I’m after, I’m near the point of just moving on to another game.

Knowing that your effort is essentially futile is not a good feeling. And I’m just talking about a class mod ffs. Not even including ideal weapon annoints and such.