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I am primarily trying to outfit my main Zane. Looking for Anointed Gear with “When SNTNL Active” perks and to a lesser extent “When Barrier Active”. Obviously, like everyone else, the Cryo Lucian’s Call, but also Crossroads, Transformer, Molten The Dictator, or any other shields/artifacts that will help a Zane main. Take a look below and just let me know what you want. Message me on PSN.

PSN: W-E_Kurtz2181

Double Penetrating Occultist
Oozing Echo
Bountiful Destructo ISpinner (Rad and Cryo)
Unlimited Poison Gunerang XL
Arctic Disciplined Night Hawkin
Double Penetrating Vigourous Rosen Thorns
Maxxed Out Baby Maker
Cloud Kill (x2)
Express Firesale Long Musket (x2)
Moar Linage (Fire)
Supercharged Polybius
Holistic the Butcher
Moar Embrace the Pain
Dastardly Maggie
Shocking Star Helix
Queens Call (Cryo)
Deft Malaks Bane (Ice)
The Flood
Handsome Jackhammer (Radiation)
Super Ten Gallon
Hyperfocus XZ41
Storm (Shock)
Omni Loader (Blue 50 that reloads all equipped)
Double Penetrating Echo

Moxxi’s Bouncing Pair
Firestorm Grenade
Hex (Cryo) **Not MIRV or Recurring

Eruptive Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
Impervious Red Card
Tactician Recharger

Flesh Melter Moxxi’s Endowment (Corrosive Damage Stacks, +8% XP, +8% Speed, +27% Ignite, -30% Shield Delay
Cryo Stone Cosmic Crater +17% Shotgun damage, +27% Irradiate Chance, +27% Cryo Efficiency
Knife Drain Static Charge (Melee Lifesteal 75%, 1487 Max Health, 29% Rad Resistance, 16% Incendiary damage)

Anointed Gear:
Anointed Rad Polybius (On ASE Splash Damage is increased by 125%)
Anointed Stark Krakatoa (On ASE next 2 magazines will have 50% bonus radiation damage)
Anointed Roawans Call (After exiting Iron Bear, next 2 magazines have 40% bonus incendiary damage)
Anointed Maxxed Out Baby Maker ++ (Corrosive)(On
Annointed Tac Reload Nova Burner (Gunner- When entering and exiting Iron Bear create a nova that deals 10048 damage, 17225 Incendiary damage on shield break and fill, -25% recharge delay, and +23% reload speed while shield is depleted)
Anointed Dangerous Superball (Gunner, When autobear active deals 20% bonus incendiary damage)

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May I have the Anointed Devastator and the Mod for Siren? But sadly I have nothing you are looking for. Thank you in advance. PSN: orange_teacher

@Orange_Teacher yes I will send it to you today, little later, no problem.

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Can i have Rear ender deathless?
Psn virchbruek

Thank :smile:

Yeah, friend me on PSN and I’ll send it to you

I assume you are looking for decent Cryo weapons. I might have something for ya. I’ll check stash.

PSN: JamaalKazama

· Knife Drain Static Charge
· Hyperfocus Bitch (A)
· Moar Linoge (if it has +120% melee)

If you’ll kindly send me these, I’ll return the favor with items you may find useful. :slight_smile:

@bigrfish you still need anything I thought I was supposed to send you something. Hit me up on PSN and I’ll send stuff to you, Moze Anointed stuff if I remember?

Yup I’ll send in a minute, just finishing up a session

Sounds good. Rowans call and Kings call. I hardly use the Bear. Might try with some decent anointed gear tho.

@bigrfish I have the other 3 characters leveled but don’t think I’m going to do Moze until game gets updated and later DLC so I’ll send you some anointed Moze kit

Well… Thx man. Appreciate it. Consider it a loan until you level a Moze.

I just requested you on PSN, once you accept I’ll send

Is that Baby Maker HOMING? It should say splits into 4 and them homes in. It would make my day if it is and I could have it.

Psn: psDrEw66

Sent. Cheers.

Thank you


It’s sent. Should be in your in game mailbox.

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Thanks again. Check your inbox! :blush:

If still available, I‘d love to have that Queen‘s Call. :slight_smile:

PSN: Mentalist9501

@Mentalist the Cryo Queens Call? Sure I’ll send it to you in the morning.

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