Legendary Location Guide

Now that the legendaries have dedicated drop locations, has anyone seen an early guide to what drops where?

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I haven’t seen one as yet. There is the spreadsheet here That will undoubtedly get updated as more info comes in.
For the record, I just spent ~45mins farming 1 punch bandit for One Pump Chump and never got it but I did get 4 x Sleeping Giant off him. Given that I’ve never seen him WD before I’d say that’s now in his loot pool.


Thanks… that’s a good resource… hopefully it’s still updated.

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yeah that is the one in reddit.

Just bumping this for anyone that has not yet discovered this spreadsheet. It is more useful than ever with the current rare spawn/boss farming event, especially for loot collectors.
I don’t know if the contributors of this resource are active here, but thank you for this if you are.