Legendary Loot...DLC Idea!

I keep seeing posts all over not just on the forum about how Legendary Loot seems too prominent in BL3 compared to previous games. I for one do not mind the loot system as it is.

But I do have a DLC suggestion/idea.

This would most certainly have to be an “End of Life” final DLC, but I think this could be rather cool. Unlock one of the locked doors on Sanctuary III to find a weapon and gear crafting/workstation room. Inside this room you can dismantle and reassemble weapons and other gear. Allowing you to take the best parts of your weapons/gear to make even more powerful ones. And can only be done with Legendary (or higher) Loot. The setup would be like a comparison screen between two weapons and you swap one part at a time. One gun being the one you are trying to beef up, the other just gets swapped to the next gun you want to take parts from. Thus, no need to store unused parts because everything is still part of a weapon. And I am guessing their loot generation system could handle such a task.

Not only does this allow the players to rework weapons and gear, but it also serves a purpose for cash and Eridium. Currently, I am stock piling Eridium with nothing worth while to spend it on. And every time I earn cash I give it away to friends so they can quickly buy SDU upgrades.

I know this might never be possible and a crazy idea. But it would certainly increase the life of the game for a lot of people, that would be hunting down weapons til they found the right parts they wanted for that perfect build.

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