Legendary loot drops no longer show up on mini map

Playing splitscreen co-op and both me and my partner obtained a legendary and whilst it showed a star on my mini map it did not show my partners mini map. We thought this might of been a one off but it happened again and again. We were playing the bloody harvest event with loot instancing on, we’ve never had trouble before when killing loot ghosts that drop both players legendary loot. This is happening since after the patch

Check settings there is an option to turn this on or off … Maybe it’s been turned off

Thanks for the reply. I’ll have a look into this just in case. Just found it odd that neither of us have touched the settings and the legendaries appear on my mini map on my half of the screen and when she gets a legendary it does not show on my partners half of the screen

That may simply be an instancing issue … In that your in your game instance but it’s her own loot instance … and it just may not be something that been programmed … I’ve never played coop to notice