Legendary Loot falling through the floor and stop ruining the game

There is still no fix for legendary loot falling through the floor,which I have send multiple videos of this happening to support. I’ve cleared my cache and still happens. Iron bear is completely useless in mayhem while fl4k little pets cam survive. Stop nerfing legendary guns tour ruining the game and character builds. Everyone hates the hotfix that came out on the 17th 70% damage decrease, you may as well take the weapons out of the game. Flakker it’s a legendary torgue gun it’s suppose to be awesome. I use moze and now that gun is completely useless cause I can’t get ammo back from dealing splash damage. Horrible decision on your guys part. Since the last hotfix I have yet to play bl3 again. Your ruining this game. Read the comments from plauers/fans on Twitter and Facebook and here. To see what we think about those decisions. Aren’t legendary weapons suppose to be the best weapon on the game? We have to work are asses off to get them. Hopefully you will see the mistakes you guys made and fix them.


… there s the lost loot machine on sanctuary 3 for the loot falling through the ground.

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Agonizer 1500 fight is the only one I’ve noticed legendary loot specifically falling through the floor.
It is frustrating if you want to farm it because you don’t want the lost loot box to fill up. I don’t know why it’s specific to legendary loot but this may only be affecting me or a select few.

Only as long as it’s not full, I’ve popped up after doing a couple sides just to find it full of crap Blues, with a purple added in now and again. While that Lost loot box is a good Idea they shold have made it with deeper pockets or at least more selective in the loot it picks up

no, not really


Loot falling thru floor…Memories

havent seen loot fall through floor. i did have an instance where the weapon got stuck in a corner and i couldnt reach it, but it was in my lost loot machine. wasnt worth it tbh. even if it was a legendary

Go read the over 2000 replies to that hotfix post and yea a lot of people and I mean a lot of people were violently opposed to that hotfix but it still got pushed live. I realize thats a small part of the community but since then their has been a bit of negative press…even if some of the articles are exaggerated, negative press is never good.

I did, like I said, its not everyone.

Now that you mention it, I’ve never seen loot falling through the floor… which is great because in BL2 that happened all the friggin time, and it didn’t have a lost loot machine. Wanna farm Bloodwing? Have fun with that

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oh damn that fight, for me Bloodwing died 9/10 from some kind of dot while not in the zone

Thats still a lot of people and im sure there are 1000s more people that didnt post on that post. Cant forget about all the posts on Reddit too…I would say probably for every person who liked the hotfix there were probably 5 that didnt…just my opinion tho

look, im not here to start a war, Angry people are louder than the others. I also dont care that much. I am happy with the game i have.

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Not that it mattered, if she died in the zone she’d drop 2 or 3 things and about 80% of it fell through the floor anyway. I spent a lot of time farming for the skin that only she drops but eventually I gave up.

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