Legendary loot giveaways (Xbox)

Hello all I have a lot of level 50 legendary doubles and rather than sell them I will give them to you lovely people lol I’ll list the anointed first then the non anointed first come first serve of course quick edit will write GONE beside items that have been claimed

Anointed items
Defrauding bitch corrosive after using attack command gain 30 percent life steal
Corrosive laser sploder while digi clone is active regenerate 12 percent of ammo GONE
Expert hellshock while barrier is active SEC increased by 50 percent GONE
Spoiling projectile recursion enemies damaged by rakk attack take 50 percent increased damage
Abundant stark krakataa gains an extra charge of rakk attack
Super ten gallon after using rakk attack gain 25 percent critical hit damage
Trick unforgiven Grant’s extra charge of rakk attack GONE
Searing nimble malaks bane on ASE weapon accuracy and handling increased
Razrez the dictator while gamma burst is active gain 65 percent bonus radiation damage GONE
Speedloadin hellwalker on ASE weapon status effect damage and chance increased by 75 percent have 2 to giveaway 1 GONE
Armory recharger Grant’s extra charge of rakk attack GONE

And now the non anointed
Berzerker otto idol
Mirv widowmaker
Firestorm 2 to give away
Singularity firestorm GONE
Cloning hex cryo GONE
Brawler ward cryo resistance
Brawler ward radiation resistance GONE
Deliverance nova berner
Conference call
Cryo queens call GONE
Gatlin gatling gun GONE
Radiation rowans call GONE
Shocking AAA
Thermobaric minesweeper moze mod 31 percent shotgun damage 149 health regen 24 percent magazine size GONE
Shredded scourge
Venomous nemesis
Radiation itchy stiff bearcat
Corrosive binary mocking cutsman GONE
Incendiary handsome Jack hammer
Storming resolute lyuda shock GONE
Cash infused brainstormer GONE
Incendiary lucians call GONE
Cryo lucians call GONE

Send me your gamer tag and I’ll send you the item you ask for remember first come first serve


Can I get that minesweeper moze mod?
GT: Jesse Furygod

Thank you!!

Just added you and will send it now

Sent in your mail

Thanks again! I’ll definitely put that extra shotgun damages and mag size to use!

Not a problem mate enjoy

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Can I get that unforgiven?
o Hired Gun o

Are you looking for anything?

No thanks mate I’m good trying to make room lol

Unforgiven is in your mail

Ill take the following off your hands

Speedloadin hellwalker
Cryo lucians call
Cryo queens call

GT xMRx xTx

Corrosive laser sploder while digi clone is active

I’m zane main plz I need gt Outlawkillerz

All in your mail

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Thanks my friend!

Your laser sploder is in your mail bud enjoy

I’ll take the Lyuda if you still got it!

GT: Newjinnn

Not a problem will send it now

Lyuda is in your mail

u the goat

Haha no worries mate enjoy