Legendary loot giveaways (Xbox)

If not claimed I’ll take that Gatling Gun off your hands.

Much appreciated that you decided to spread the wealth, thanks!

GT: DeadheadHix09

Will add you now and send it and no worries

Sent and in your mail

Thank you

Hey guys if you ask me for anything and I don’t send it right away it’s because I’m in bed but leave your GT and the item you request and I’ll send it as soon as I’m back online

Did you only have one unforgiven?

I have another one that’s isnt anointed I can send you it when I’m back online tomorrow if you want

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That would be much appreciated

GT xMTx xTx

Your unforgiven is in your mail

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Could I possibly get the singularity firestorm, my gt is dnaker ty

Yes I’ll mail it in 2 minutes

cool, ty. check out my post if you need anything from it

Had a look there nothing I need but thanks do you still need a transformer I’ve got one you can have

Your firestorm is sent bud enjoy

Ill take Incendiary Lucian - tag - BubbyRooster

Thank you!!!

EDIT: also cloning hex cryo??

Thanks, enjoy your movie!

I will send it to your mail in a couple of hours currently watching the breaking bad movie

Hey man I know you sent me that foursome yesterday any way I could also get the gamma burst dictator? Foursome has problems on pistol reduced m3 so I think that AT will balance nicely

I’ll take that Corrosive Cutsman off your hands if you don’t mind.

GT: Thang Hung

Yes I’ll send the dictator when I’m on again

No worries I’ll send it when I’m back on could be a couple of hours but I’ll mail you when I’m on