Legendary Loot Hunt!

I have decided to attempt to farm all legendaries in all modes. This is very similar to 00TheMessiah00’s legendary run and follows the same rules. I will post pics of each weapon and the amount of times it took me to get it.


  • Must play through the game, but as you encounter a boss that drops a legendary you must stop. You cannot progress from that point until that boss drops the corresponding legendary.

If you would like, you can do this too. It’s not too challenging and feels very rewarding. :smiley:
With enough requests I may do livestreams of this (will update thread with news of one) although they won’t have commentary. However, they will have some music in the background.

I will release new save files at the end of each playthrough (unless requested earlier)

Normal Mode :smile:

The Hornet
Drops from Knuckle Dragger
40 Runs

Drops from Midgemong
29 Runs

Bonus Package
Drops from Boom Bewm
16 Runs

Thunderball Fists
Drops from Captain Flynt
5 Runs

Unkempt Harold
Drops from Savage Lee
87 Runs

Somehow got a perfect DPUH :smiley:

Drops from assassins in ‘Southpaw Steam & Power’
35 Runs (140 kills in total)

Drops from Doc Mercy
43 Runs

Drops from Scorch
74 Runs

Drops from Incinerator Clayton
14 Runs

Flame of the Firehawk
Cult Following: The Enkindling
Quest Reward


Storm Front
Drops from ‘TNMT’ easter egg rats.
15 Runs (75 Kills total)

Baby Maker
Drops from Madame von Bartlesby
3 Runs

Logan’s Gun
Drops from Wilhelm
8 Runs

Rolling Thunder
Drops from Wilhelm
32 Runs

Drops from Mobley
11 Runs

Lyuda / White Death
Drops from Gettle
6 Runs

Drops from The Black Queen
7 Runs

I think everyone is doing the hunt 4 now :wink:

Cool idea. Looking forward to seeing how this turns out.

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This isn’t really hardcore competitive grinding, more relaxed kickback farming. I know the hunt 4 exists but this hunt has a sense of progression through the game too :slight_smile:

If people really want it I might do some OP8 grinds too :stuck_out_tongue:
Also, amount of legendarys found may slow down through weekdays (school is a thing :frowning: )

You have sone serious luck man. 14 runs for pyrophobia. I’ve farmed him for three hours and didn’t get anything.

The best part is I got a second one while killing him first time during a kreig playthrough on stream :stuck_out_tongue: