Legendary loot level scaling?

I was wondering if legendary loot scales with your lvl. I was just wondering if its a good idea to go refarm somthing for a higher lvl.

What level are you? I am level 50 and I have been farming all day from level 40-50 and I have found legendaries all day and they have gotten higher level as I have leveled up. So I would say yes. Also from my experience, it seems you can loot mission reward weapons from random loot as well. Hope this helps!

I am lvl 32 but i am having troble as my gear is all legendaries from lvl 25 and lower so I am geting overhwelmd. Just wonderd if i go farm a miniboss will the drops scale to my lvl. Thanks.

Tbh you dont need to farm. Just use good blue or purple loot. I didnt farm at all during my playthrough. I did side missions until about the astroid area, i dont remember the name, but then I just plowed through the story. So you dont need to level. Your level 32? Are you having trouble with bosses?

@InvisibleCobra as of last night yeah. But not only bosses i am also having trouble with ttk on bad asses and even ordinary enemies. I think i am just undergeard.

You probably are. Like i said just gather some good blue or purple gear. Pay attention to the loot scores and ignore basic status grades like attack damage and stuff. Also experiment. Some guns just arent your play style. So even if its a good grade, it may not be for you. Just play around and you’ll be alright man! Good luck! :slight_smile:

Not sure I’d agree with the loot score thing. This isn’t destiny. My level 250-300 purples and golds kill way faster and hit way harder than the 325+ blues.

Like i said, it varies with gun to gun. It depends on attachments and all that. I had an atlas gun that shot 2 projectiles for like 300 damage each at one point and that blew all my other funs out of the water despite it being a lower score.

Depends where you get the loot. An enemy from a side mission will likely drop loot right at your level. Upon getting certain “upgrades” from the main story and going back to certain levels, you’ll realize you’re close to bosses you’ve fought before. They will likely be at whatever level you originally fought them at. I assume enemies scale to your level after beating the game, regardless of where you are.

Well my enemies are not scalling with me, why is that.