Legendary Loot Midget farming help

If you have pre-ordered borderlands 2 and have not completed creature slaughter dome then could you please help me out? my PSN name, PS3, only is Hitman-Chan.

this link may get you help faster,

plus I’m not sure but think they patched that, I know when I do my games on the 360, if someone does not have that DLC (which they do sell that DLC now for a couple dollars) in the game the door won’t work (completed or not completed), also same thing trying to invite someone in if I’m inside the DLC (again completed or not completed)

Now for LLM’s, you can ask someone to host the game (that has it) and they can start the run and have you join in just after restarting the game each time for the LLM run

Moving to the PS3 co-op section for ya. :smile:


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