Legendary Loot Midget Question

Just a quick question about the LLMs. Finally decided to give LLM farming a shot.

The loaders are easy, but are the midgets immune to elements? Getting stomped by them. Slag/Fire doesnt seem to do a whole lot.

Playing hellborn krieg if that helps any.

Don’t try to slag them until they hit the ground; you might be tempted to slag them as they’re jumping and unable to stop you but they just wipe it off when they land.


awesome thanks for the tip!

There’s also talk about them becoming immune to any element you hit them with before they hit the ground. The consensus is to not fire at them until they do so, that way anything you apply to them will take affect and they won’t become immune to it.

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I think that may have been my downfall. Damned itchy trigger fingers!

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What Scootalewis said. You may already be doing this, but only take on 1 at a time. There’s really no rush. I’m also going to assume you’re using a Flame of the Firehawk shield, so what until it’s fully recharged before taking the next midget. Midgets angry fist!