Legendary loot midgets wildlife exploitation reserve loot problems

Is anyone else getting frustrated about the midgets not dropping anything. I’ve gone through like seven or eight runs and still have gotten nothing even on UVHM

Yep Nothing but ammo drops everytime!

I usually at least get an ancient relic but even those are pretty ■■■■■■

I went through about 10 times and got something legendary at least 6 times. I did it on TVHM with 2-3 players. I’m hoping to get a swift deliverance from Tumbaa though but nothing yet

Yes. I´ve gone through legendary loot midgets in frostburn canyon alot. I´ve killed 30 of them during the past week. And mostly they drop ammo, but when they drop something it´s always an e-tech relic! I hear everyone else gets crazy legend loot from them, but I just get those relics. I have like 6 “blood of the ancients”. That can´t be right, right?

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What do I want I want a unkempt Harold I’ve seen so many ppl get one from doing this and I’ve also heard the grog Harold combo kicks ass

Some of those relics are really good if your build is specced and geared towards a certain element or play style.

I did a few loot midget runs yesterday , first 3 runs , nada . 4th run got a maggie and a lyuda from the same run . Did a few more runs , nada . Killed Tumbaa and Pimon a few times and got a deliverance . So I say they are stingier then normal , but did drop some loot , and all was not wasted at least for me .

I did it about 20 runs yesterday got about 8 legendary mostly gmods and got 3 pearls but done it today and I got more legendary a out of the cheat in the room then I have the loot midgets also I have 2 unkempt Harold’s I will be willing to trade one I got both out the cheat from the snowman he has been really good to me lately

What level deliverance and would you trade it?

LVL 50 deliverance but I don’t remember exactly but it did have slag . and yes I’m open to trade . I was playing in TVHM

Message me. Gt hEyy SwAnK

I think its a gentle slag deliverance . okay I will message you

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Yes, this combo is great with Gunzerkers for sure.

If you can’t get them from LLM’s you’ll be able to get them from Savage Lee located in Three Horns - Valley.

I was wrong . It’s a lvl 49 gentle deliverance.

i had some luck doing it two legendary class mods 3 grenades and a legendary shield. i really want a skullmasher but i cant get one for the life of me. if anyone has one let me know work out a trade gt bigbillftw

I would like to also weigh in on this discussion and further support the masses who have reported that the LLM drop-rate is garbage now… Ammo drops, mostly…

Under-leveled gear across the board, this week, from all enemies.