Legendary Loot Nerf?

Yesterday, and today I’ve done the story, and ops. I’ve gotten greens and one epic gear.
Did the legendary drop rate got nerfed?
Because last time I went farming I had gotten at least one legendary every other run or so.

Chance is chance

I’ve had a weird run with the story op drop rates. Day one I got three in a row and then I didn’t get another one until today. I guess like derk said, chance is chance.

Played it since it came out and have gotten one. Then again my luck is horrid for drops

I’ve had odd luck with the story ops as well. I’ve played through it ~20 times, and only got 2 legendary drops.

It all depends on the mission, some missions have more opportunities for loot than others. I also think the sentry mini-boss in the experiment always drops the same legendary set of boots, Mossire’s Mukluks

One question I have is if Aria has a wide loot pool for legendaries if not at least any of the new legendaries other than her Aria’s Encore ops specific?( which is the only legendary i’ve gotten so far)

I’ve never seen her drop anything besides the Encore on normal. Haven’t done hardcore quite yet, but I’ve not heard of anyone getting anything else.

Still, lots of farming and loot pack opening yet to be done. I’m amassing many loot packs from the DLC, we’ll see if I can get a new legendary to pop form one of them.

She does not. They made it that way to limit people’s complaints about pay to win (having the DLC affecting the rest of story mode). The other 5 have yet to appear on the forums or reddit. Lowlines is surprised, as his data shows that they should be fairly common.
On advanced he also drops the Bola’s Target Finder


Best of luck to you sir
I have opened at least 100 at this point and have gotten nada :confused:

I’m running out of skins and taunts to unlock at this point

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I wish I was in your shoes!! :heart:

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Me lookin’ for them DLC Legendary like…


That doesn’t sound like a bad position. Still running Kleese? Do you have all of the skins for everyone else?

I finished on Saturday
I’m just trying to finish unlocking all skins/taunts.
I got a good “easy win” character for each faction

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Si from a few comments, I gather that the drop rate was nerfed so people won’t complain about pay to win? Kind of confused as to what I can pay to win, aside from buying the game itself.

No, that is the complete opposite of what people are saying!

  • @Jythri has said that the 5 other Legendaries can be obtained without owning the DLC through Loot Packs
  • These are known but as of yet, no one seems to have been able to get them to drop yet despite the fact that I have checked the Loot Pack Item Pools and can confirm they should be dropping and more often than they did before the patch
  • This is either a case of just bad luck, or there is a bug with the logic behind their drop rate
  • On the plus side, Skins and Taunts are dropping great and all other drops should be Rare quality or higher

Then yes, I think it’s a bug.

Which ones do you use?


On the plus side, Skins and Taunts are dropping great and all other drops should be Rare quality or higher

I see no difference before or after this patch for any loot packs from any category.

When Ernest was released–there was a definite increase in the chance of obtaining his skins and taunts from the UPR packs while they were reduced in price. During the lootpocalypses, the rates from packs affected by the increase was quite noticeable.

My guess is that the loot pools and drop rates were not updated, though they were intended to but either a bug or negligence is preventing it from working.