Legendary loot not spawning

So I’ve been playing all day in true vault Hunter mode on multiple different levels of mayhem and I haven’t come across a single legendary item. Not even from bosses who normally give you a legendary weapon. Any one else having this problem? or better yet, a solution?

I hit Giga twice at lunch on M3 and he didn’t drop anything, thought it was odd as well. He does that once it a while so I can’t be certain it wasn’t just bad RNG.

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I finally just picked up 2 items but they were still only level 52. I don’t know what the deal is

Maybe do a quit and restart? (if you haven’t already)

I call it “tRollNG”. It’s been a “feature” of every Borderlands game.

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Giga was fine 30 minutes ago, drops like normal for that li’l pest.

Check that you have hotfixes applied at the main menu:

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My sign goes away sometimes, as in I can see it un-digitize. But I assume the hotfixes are still applied. At least most things feel right. But yeah, if I notice odd things like no loot drops, I usually just restart. No idea if it does anything or is RNG, but it seems to help.

But I’ve noticed a lot more of the iridium chests and weapon lockers/containers not spawning any items. The first i-chest in Skywell is about a 50/50 for me in having any items (white or ammo or even a discard issue of Skag Monthly).

Any items at all or just less legendary items? We had an event where they spawned legendaries more frequently, so I don’t want you to compare to that!

I have had a similar experience today on Xbox farmed Tyrean on TVHM Mayhem 4 for about 20 times got 0,legendary drops feels bad man.

Any items at all. There are two chests that seem to rarely spawn items for me, both in Skywell.
The first one, off the right before I encounter the first Maliwan guys. The second one is by Handsome Jackie, I think it is.

When I played split-screen the other night, I could hear the epic/legendary sound, but both chests were empty. But I think the other account might have had an unaccounted for legendary in the LLM, so maybe loot is spawning only for the second player, not the primary one?

There are other locations but those two seem to come up the most often. I can try to track it based on the number of runs, but I don’t have much reason to go there now except to get a better rolled Tsunami .

It seems, that when raiding the vaults, the first person to open the chests rarely gets a legendary, but the other person does. This is similar to using + luck and loaded dice. At least in my experience, when playing with another person, it rarely seems to benefit the person with the luck bonus.

Can you file a ticket to support.2k.com with this information?

Will do! Poor Alex is getting to know me well. :flushed:

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