Legendary loot packs and pre-order / season pass skins marked as new

So I’ve played sense launch but I just finished a mission came out and all of my preorder / season pass stuff was marked as new again and I had 3 legendary loot packs in my inventory suddenly no idea where they came from I’ve mastered 3 characters was there an update to give you a legendary pack upon mastering characters or something that I didn’t know about? Just confused where these came from

This has been happening to me, but I’m not getting legendary packs. I didn’t get the deluxe edition, so that’s probably why I’m not getting them. A friend of mine is, however.

I believe those packs are from completeing the lore challeneges and contain a character specific legendary

No, character specific legendaries come up as mission reward items when you complete the last lore challenge (even if you fail the mission or lose the PvP match). That’s pretty cool you have a legendary loot pack glitch, hope you get some good stuff (unless you’re playing against my team in PvP :slight_smile:)

Yeah, this is a glitch I would love to have. Only legendaries I ever get are Lore based.

Weird. I got on legendary loot pack for hitting command rank 100, but that’s it.

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So a moderator can’t even confirm whether this is a bug or not?

If this was intended, this would have happened for more people. Certainly didn’t happen for me.

If it wasn’t intended, I think it would be easy enough to just say so.

Well…No. We’re moderators. We aren’t employed by gearbox. We don’t have access to any more inside info than you do. We just volunteer here. It’s explained in the forum rules, if you would care to give them a read.

Ah, so you’re crowd control rather than part of the content creation team. Seems not only inefficient, but cold and distant on Gearbox’s part.

We’re community members that were asked to help out by gearbox. We are supervised and supported by gearbox staff, especially their community team. It doesn’t feel distant to me.

Anyway, thanks for your feedback. If you have any further comments to make about moderation, PMs are welcome. And preferred…As mentioned in the forum rules. Please read them now. Thank you.

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Is there an easy way to view them? They aren’t pinned on any board I’ve looked at, nor are they a separate link accessible from the site options available at the top of the page. Tbh, the only time I’ve ever seen any sort of rule listing is the one time I flagged a post and it asked me to choose which of the rules it violated.


There ya go.

Hey guys,

If you received Legendary Loot Packs it’s probably because our system picked you up as someone who had trouble unlocking Alani. This was our way of making the lost time with Alani up to those who were affected.

On a side note, if you’d like to see activity by GBX devs, just click on “Dev Tracker” at the top of the forums and you’ll see everything we post. We of course can’t possibly respond to everything, but we’re definitely around and listening. :slight_smile: