Legendary Loot Please Help!

My friend, and I have been playing the hell out of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel but never got a legendary sadly.
We were wondering if there was anyone playing on the Playstation 3 that have extras that they could give us.
If so please add my psn account - ipxarie, and I will add you later. Thanks!

don’t have PS3, but can give 1 tip on locating Legendries, a good 70% of mine has come from the Vending machines, so always ck those

keep farming you’ll get 'em. you have to farm bosses or vending machines for your best bet

Me, and my friend have been farming the secret boss monster, and have been grinding purples we so far put in around 18 each, and got 2 legendary weapons.

theres alot of bosses and enemies that have assigned drops. Just farm one of them and the venders like others said. And you will eventually see that orange piece of gear.

don’t farm Iwajira for legendaries, he has a reduced drop rate. farm him for moonstones and purples when needed.

farm RedBelly in Crisis Scar, he can drop skins, heads and a legendary shotgun Striker. Plus, behind him in the room up the stairs there is a chest and moonstone chest.

farm Felicity in the Robot Production Plant. She will drop skins, heads and a chance at a legendary grenade mod. Plus, 3 DAHL chests and moonstone chest will spawn in a room behind her. I’ve gotten legendaries out of those chests before.

farm Bosun in Pity’s Fall. He can drop either an IVF smg or the cryophobia RL. both make for good grinding fodder. Plus, behind him as well is a chest and moonstone chest.

Of course, you can always farm the Sentinel as well