Legendary loot pools

Hey all just curious and a bit confused. I know that bosses will now have dedicated drops, but does this mean that there are no more world drops?

I like the idea of being able to go to specific bosses to get certain drops, but also like that I can just be killing anyone and have a chance to get a legendary.

If legendaries are now all boss only then why kill non bosses?

Thanks for feedback

You can still get a legendary from a mob/pile/locker etc. It works the same as before.

its just now you can farm specific bosses for their loot…what loot do they have?..Idk

World drops are still plentiful. Its making it almost impossible to understand who drops what.


I kind of wondered this as well. Have not had anytime to study new release notes let alone play with work schedule. So world drops can yield new class mods and legendary weapons but certain weapons can only be obtained by certain bosses?

Thats why testing should be without Mayhem. Lets say if you kill Traunt 20 times and you got 5x Quasar, 1x Lyuda, 1x Hex, 1x other legendaries that means Quasar is added to Traunt’s loot pool.

And thats what people are doing. In couple days all should be clear who drops what.

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Kinda going to hijack the topic - search tool pulled nothing up… Is anyone starting a master list of which drops are assigned and to whom? If so can I get a link (or mention in the topic)?

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Try this


Damn this is helpful. Where did you even find this?

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Is the drop pool only for mayhem 4 or was it just in general? This list is only for 4.

General. M4 exclusives are listed at the top, the same for Maliwan Takedown.

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Ah gotcha. Thanks.

how current is that list? all the dates you have next to each legendary is from September/October

I didn’t notice that but it seems pretty accurate so far. I’m pretty sure this is data mined information as it even shows weapons from dlc1. It should be 100% accurate.

It’s updated with all new stuff. M4 legendaries, Takedown legendaries, dedicated drop source etc.

DLC1 is from stream, no datamined.

Really? Is this spreadsheet accurate or are there still some possible mistakes? I saw this spreadsheet the day after the update and I was confused on how someone confirmed all the legendary drops already. I assumed it was data mined because I wouldn’t be able to believe someone already farmed every single boss and got every single legendary item in the game.

Dedicated loot source could be datamined, I don’t know that. But the stuff marked as DLC1 is from Handsome Jackpot stream during BL Show #3.

My friend pointed out that the R.Y.N.A.H is found in the game files. That is what officially made me think this was data mined.

As I said, some of it could be. I’m sure not all, cause I submitted shock Kaos long time ago when it wasn’t listed. There is tab “from responses” which indicates community work, not datamined.
In the end, it doesn’t matter. List is accurate and updated :slight_smile:

Wow… so my favorite legendary (shreddifer ) drops form thr final boss of round 5 of arguably the hardest event in the game (slaughter bandit shaft)

Come on gearbox … why ???