Legendary loot problems

I have NEVER seen a butcher or Lucien’s Call.
I’ve also never seen a Lyuda outside the Zero quest one.
I’m lvl 50. I’m on Mayhem 3. I repeat Graveward over and over.
What’s the trick?
I’ve used the increased loot relic and it’s useless. I’ve done Graveward at least 50 times.
Is there a specific boss I need to do?

Almost every legendary for now is a world drop.
If You didn’t got any Lyuda/Butcher is just bc of RNG/Luck (call it as You want).
I did Slaughter Shaft more than 150 times, killed Grave over 300 and got only ONE Storm Front.

I think 2 things are happening here

  1. Loot is weighted. Not all Legendaries are created equal so they don’t drop with the same level of intensity as others do. An example I can use is that horrible ass ASMO sniper, I get this thing at least 3 or 4 times a night playing, but I have never seen a Star Helix, and have only ever had 1 Warlord rifle drop. I have 6 Hornets, but only 1 Infinity.

  2. I often wondered when playing with a friend that we have played the BL series games together since 1, is that it always seems like what Fable 3 did with their gear, where its more weighted to fall in one persons world than anothers. Where in Fable if I wanted a certain weapon, I HAD to go join another persons game and hope to acquire it there, as it simple was never going to spawn in my world. I say this because like 1, my friend has had 8 of those Dahl VExjretbsakl whatever rifles spawn, and I’ve never had any drop in my world, but I got one out of a porta potty in his world, and he got another 2 as we played.

Oh buddy, 50 times is nothing. Turn on youtube and start farming while you watch smtn else, it takes a looong while to get what you want. Not trying to be condescending just frustrated with remembering how much time Ive spent on farmin :confused:
In retrospect id follow Derch logic and just play the game and have fun, legendaries will drop on their own, and you probably didnt try all the ones that did drop for you. I know I didnt …

Pretty sure Hitler thought up this loot concept. Gearbox is taking up the cause.

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You mean Mao Zedong

Hopefully they start putting these legendarys in some boss loot tables. They should do that with some, then others can be world drop but only on certain maps for certain legs. That way you know what map or boss to go to.


play offline, normal M3 or tvhm M3,

slaughter shaft loot is insane, i do a loop each twin boss, rampager, gravewarden.

i got a butcher off troy last night, lucian fire version off slaughter shaft both normal M3. i can due tvhm M3, i notice difference in difficulty or loot. been doing it in tvhm M3, tried normal M3 last night…makes me think and ask…why did i bother with tvhm?

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Playing offline CoS i’ve encountered my first butcher, frost lyuda crossroads and custman…never had gotten these before.

And i’ve not gotten a single good annointed yet…

I found the secret.
Have lucky friends.
I put so many hours into grinding offline in Mayhem 3 and it got me jack.
My friend plays for 15 minutes and gets me a butcher and a cutsman.
Looks like to succeed in this game I’ll need to put down the controller and put on the fishnet stockings.
Because any game that requires a large degree of luck, is going to cost me.

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after 100 kills calypso twins (Troy and destroyer) in M3 i see still around same legendary and very bad stats dont see any cutsman ,torgue laser,or any other last good weapons its really bored i have complet 3x main campaign in M3 all sides qests and what now when 2 weeks i cant find any better than i use.Why play more when i dont see any motivation any better items any hope.i kill many and many other mid bosses where i test farm specific item i use relic with luck boost and nothing only very bad scrap legendary and best is M1 or M3 total same stats where is 500% quality boost??? my best items is from M1 its total crazy i have guardian rank 155 and when see how much i must kill bosses enemy to 1 lvl up its terrible.

It’s just rng. I farmed an absurd amount of time and only got a recurring hex the day before last weeks nerf :joy::joy:. Also I’ve only seen 2 Lyudas with an element. I don’t mean I killed graveward 50-100 times. I’ve probably killed him closer to 6-700 times and have farmed other bosses/circle of slaughters. Rng is brutal sometimes. Can’t wait till they implement more dedicated drops.

And then you have people come and say this kind of gaming is ‘‘fun’’…
Pretty fun getting nothing at all.

Legendaries drop like candy…
Good legendaries with matching desired annointments? That’s like finding a Butt stallion…

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Not sure if that was directed at my statement quoting ‘fun’, but if it was, go back and reread it. If it wasn’t, disregard this.

It wasn’t! Just seems to be what people keep posting as answers to this

Well… there is also the problem you hardly have any bank & inventory space to store all your finds! :frowning:

Luckily it’s easy to make mules on PC, but it’s still quite cumbersome to use mules… :confused:

Its real easy to mule on ps4 too…log in guest account on 2nd controller…lvl 1 char shows up in sanctuary…boost bag SDU…wala holds 40…when full just load up a 2nd lvl 1…rince repeat

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Wow … it’s even easier! :open_mouth:

I can’t (or don’t know how) load the mule in my game. Hence I must leave game, load mule character, do inventory management, leave game, load main character… cumbersome :frowning:

You can always take off Your gear and put it in the bank.
Copy that clean save file, make 10 of them, change name for Saves, Paste back in main folder.
No need to buy backpack SDU and reach S3.