Legendary Maliwan Hellfire full scale replica

I’ve been working on a replica of the Maliwan SMG from borderlands 2, especially the Hellfire
(since i had such a hard time getting one in the game thought i’d build one instead haha)
Thought i’d post here as well. i’ll update my work in progress as often as possible.
If i may iterest you with more of my builds you can check out my Facebook page, Night Shift Props: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Night-Shift-Props/464617646895288?ref=hl


Yes! Glad to see you back on the new forums, @nspconcept. Definitely keep us updated on your progress. Also, you’re other props are pretty badass too! :slight_smile:

I would pay all the moneys for an Interfacer one :stuck_out_tongue: Amazing work

Thanks! :smiley: btw i take commissions as well.

What’s up, Amir!

Great! Brian how’s your project going?

I’m Glad to say it’s finally here! my Maliwan Hellfire SMG replica :smiley:
If you’re interested in the progress involved in making this replica please check out my FB page:


Dude, nailed it!

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That is awesome.

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I’ve added the sketchy lineart on all the edges and parts to make resemble the in-game texture, now all it needs is a decent photo shoot!