Legendary Maliwan weapon/Pre-Order Bonus

I purchased all 8 weapons needed to unlock the legendary weapon but nothing changed can I get clarification that It will be in my game or do I have to do something else? Also What do I need to do specifically to collect my pre-order bonus 14 days before release on SHIFT?

The legendary is for bl3

I know but I want to know exactly how I would claim it do I instantly have it in my inventory or do I have to claim it on release on the official website.

I’m pretty sure you’ll get it through shift when you log into bl3

I can’t imagine it would be something sent through email or anything like that. Its probably like any other Shift reward. Unless there is a kiosk in game you would have to acquire it from or confirmed by a dev. I would just assume it would pop up in the inventory.

Ok thanks

No problem mate :smiley:

How did you purchase this 8 weapons that unlock legendary. What are those

you need to sign up for the VIP rewards program.

Earn VIP points then spend them on weapons on this page:

Then after you claim at least eight VIP reward weapons , you unlock a special Legendary Maliwan gun for Borderlands 3.

I used all the season 2 codes that were still valid, completed all the activities, and some people used my referral code and I had 2 already 1 from the free weaponizer and 1 from my pre-order bonus so I bought the last 6 that I needed it didn’t take long

im actually holding off and saving my points until season 3 releases in abit. I figure there will be another free gun from that :smiley:

That was wise now I have 500 points left and the three bl3 weapons all cost 4000 lmao

I’m holding off because if it’s like most of the VIP weapons its level will be equal to the character you first log in with aka level 1.

Wrong, on VIP the text is:
Relentless Puma - Level 10 Dahl Assault Rifle for Borderlands 3. Note that you need to own a copy of the game in order to redeem this item.

Quick question. Is this only gonna be available before the game launches or can you do this after?

Also, when you preorder, how do you add those guns to your count of 8?

I haven’t preordered yet (bills) but plan on it real soon.

When you pre-order the game, go to this link https://borderlands.com/en-US/vip-activities/
then you can fill ou the survey of what edition you bought and where from etc. this will then unlock the “Early Adopter Pack” in your inventory when you first start up the game.
Further down the same page you can complete the activities to earn points to then redeem on weapons to have at level 10 in BL3. this also counts towards the 8 needed to unlock the legendary Maliwan in the game.


Thanks. I’m going to preorder digitally soon and I just need one more weapon for the legendary one!

Okay, where does it say that about the Maliwan legendary?

No text on the Maliwan. Only Gearbox knows what it will be.

Which is precisely why I’m playing it safe and waiting to unlock it.