Legendary Marksman Based Class Mod?

Is there a possibility that we’ll get a mod like this in the future? Some Moze players like myself enjoy the benefits of being able to regenerate ammo very quickly while being able to deal increased crit damage; typically I run Vladof ARs like the super shredder to maximize the benefits.

Right now, the current line up of legendary mods is some improved version of at least one common mod:
Bloodletter is effectively an improved Shield Maiden and Low Life with some Tactician thrown in.
Bear Trooper and Raging Bear are improved versions of Tank Gal
Mind Sweeper, Rocketeer, and Blast Master are either an upgrade of Grenadier or Boomer, or at least some variation of it.
And even the new Green Monster is effectively an upgrade to Lemniscate in spite of corrosive damage being its main schtick.

Out of the legendaries, Mind Sweeper and Blast Master are akin to Marksman, but are geared more towards explosives than bullets. But Moze is still missing an improved mod that would allow us to turn our guns into more effective bullet hoses. This is especially true when using an Anointed AR that use the “Next two mags deal X” tag. I like the Marksman variety as it is now, but it feels like it should also have a legendary mod that rewards players with continuous ammo regeneration for targeting critical spots without having to rely on explosives.


That’d be nice, though I wouldn’t mind it having slightly different skills. I like Rpms it’s just I find no reason to ever have it above 5 really.

Maybe give her a real fire mod with StE, Exp Munitions, and PtHP. Get 100% bonus fire damage on crits, and ignited enemies heal moze a % of her max health while they’re on fire. Or Ignited enemies stay ignited for longer with each crit she hits with increased chance to ignite.

Or finally, maybe her crit fire damage ignores enemy health bar type? So armor and shield can ignite with no reduced damage.

Just trying to think of something to make up for her elemental weakness and sustain weaknesses. Ammo regen is already not an issue with her.

I also would love a mod that makes her more health bar focused instead of shield focused. Moze’s shield is replaced by a health bar and can benefit from her SoR tree… Or it’d be cool to give her an armor bar instead of shield… I’m off topic now.


They could call it… “Red Monster”


All great ideas @HurdyGurdy!

I’ve got great Marksmen com with +1Redistribution, +1Exp. Munitions, +3Rpms. It’s +AR damage, and +Vladof.

I like putting it on with my double super shredder and going nutts. Aside from my new admittedly bad Raging Bear(sorry @Mahtyo I love it to death thanks again! :crazy_face: I owe you!) the Marksmen is one if my favorite comes.

Man ,I really love @HurdyGurdy ideas!


Hellborn moze! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

i’d love it!


That’s super rad! I love it too!

Hurdy should be a dev.

That would actually be a good idea. I believe Zane gets healed for doing cryo damage with one of his mods.

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One skill, Refreshment, heals him when he damages frozen enemies.

And Moze is stuck with Vampyr, which only uses grenades. If she has a lot of fire damage skills, at least ONE could be used for healing.

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Oh no, sorry, I wasn’t trying to be all “it’s just one skill”, I was trying to inform you what Zane thing you were referring to. My bad!

And even the new Green Monster is effectively an upgrade to Lemniscate

i see the green monster as lemniscate + marksman. it tools pretty well with the big mag vladof ARs like the shreddifier and lucians. you just need to utilize matched set instead of iron bank.

That would be ideal, but you shouldn’t be forced to carry more of the same manufacturer to get the best out of it. I tend to float between Vladof, Torgue, Jakobs, and occasionally Atlas for an all rounder build; though currently I’m carrying two Torgues in the form of the flakker and laser sploder.

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Haha I know you’re joking but now I kind of like it.

Sort of… But the crit pay off is pretty underwhelming and you have to hold the trigger down for way too long.

It’s kind of weird they didn’t just make green monster iron bank + matched set + click click. Rpm seems like a bit of a weird one with the way the mod works.

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I would love to have a mod that helps her use vladof weaponry style, we are talking about switching modes, maybe increased damage with grenades from assault rifles or sniper rockets, and more gun damage overall focusing on being a soldier, and maybe some help for iron bear to work in the same way, im thinking about minigun increased damage, continuous fire, etc.

Yeh srpm is super anti synergistic. In some ways click click is too, as any build that uses GM will likely never drop below 80% mag remaining.

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Yeah, ideally you would be able to remove an artifact, fire your gun down really low, and then put the artifact on and have the ammo stay still for a permenant bonus with it. That’s my idea anyway but the class mod doesn’t exist that makes it worth it.

A mod that reverses specialist bear and doubles or triples the bonus, and can heal its armor without splash damage… Maybe with crits or something. That’d be nice.