Legendary Maylay shield

What are some handy legendary maylay shields available in BL2? Particular looking for something to use for the Psycho.

The only legendary maylay shield that comes to mind is the Hide Of Terramorphous, farmable from Terramorphous himself.
Easier to get and quite effective with melee toons is the Love Thumper, available as quest reward for the Best Mother’s Day Ever sidequest in the Highlands. It offers Roid damage, explosive novas and a long recharge delay once depleted.
Those are the “usual” ones. The local Krieg players will be able to give you more tips.
Ping @xmngr for vast knowledge about Krieg


Thanks! I appreciate the insight.

Not a legendary but if you can spare the seraph crystals. The Pun-chee is a viable option. Not your “end game” number 1 choice but it’ll help you while you get your Hide of Terra.
Or maybe the FotFH. Depending where you are on the story. It’s not a melee shield but some Psycho players like it…

imo your best option is the Rough Rider from Hammerlock DLC.
-edit- Depending on your build. A “traditional melee shield” may not be your best option. Gotta ask someone else than me to explain exactly why though. :wink:

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Cool. Thanks for that. Right now I’m currently a Melee type psycho. I’ve spec’d out mostly on the melee dmg and explosion dmg. I picked up a random green maylay shield and that bonus made me quite happy on the dmg output for melee bonus. I’d agree on looking at other options but as of right now I deplete my shield often on UVHM.

Rough Rider…
Krieg works best without a shield


Awesome!! Thanks for the recommendation.