Legendary Mechromancer

I’m at level 55 on UVHM and was looking for a legendary Mechromancer. Has anybody got one spare or what is the best place to find one?
Many thanks

Best bet for COMs is farming Tubby enemies (spiderants in the dust, particularly in the long canyon behind Ellie’s; skags in Three Horns, particularly downhill from the Lucky Pig). You may roll one from the WEP box room (assuming Doctor’s Orders active but no echoes picked up) although honestly I get way more relics there than anything else.

Unfortunately, I can’t help you out with the COM until you hit level 72.

For finding 1 near that level, I’d probably say Tinders chest

Good suggestion - Marcus Mercenary Day is nice to complete early in UVHM as Tinder Snowflake gives decent XP and the train can have some nice loot. There’s usually a good selection of class mods in it, even if they aren’t always legendary.

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