Legendary mods needed

Anyone got any lvl 50 legendary mods for either soldier or assassin? I’ve got various legendary weapons to be able to trade

Anything specific you are looking for?

Not really but preferably a legendary sniper and soldier, long as its about level 52

a legendary sniper COM at lower than lv62 is impossible, because it was released on uvhm upgrade pack 2.

That’s what I thought, so any would do

Got a 44 soldier mod if you want it.

Cheers. What are you wanting for it?

Nothin, my axtons 72 now but it was too good to throw away. Add shakejunt922, I’ll be on shortly.

Thanks :slight_smile: I’ll be home in a bout 20 minutes and I’ll add you

Its been a bit since ive played the game but i might have some things you can have. Im on in a few and you can add me. Lord_Sylton is my psn