Legendary nerfs

“Replaced the sprint speed bonus while being healed granted by the Mossire’s Mukluks with a 4-6% bonus to movement speed while being healed.”

Oh come on. I actually liked that gear piece. had a Miko build and everything for it. was it really that necessary to make it useless vs a purple or blue especially considering the enormous task it was for me to get it? Or to get any legendary gear? I don’t want to put time into farming for a heap of trash now do I? No. I do not.

“Reduced the shards generated per damage taken of the Plasmite Transducer Legendary gear from 25% to 3%.”

Okay not bad. had a build with this and the Quartermaster bin. Rip that build but all in all I can see why this is a thing. Shame tho…

“Increased the sprinting time requirement to create a small health pickup due to the Vidanium Root Tea Legendary gear’s tertiary effect from 6 seconds to 10 seconds.”

Love this gear to death, but all in all thats not too bad a nerf.

“Increased the damage required to trigger the cooldown reduction tertiary effect of the Chrono Key Legendary gear from 500 to 2000.”

Don’t have that one. don’t want that one no more. nuf said.

“Reduced the life steal granted by the Leechsteel Brooch Legendary gear from 10-14% to 4-6%.”

Like the root tea, not that bad.

“Reduced the stacking sprint speed bonus of the Go-Go Juice Legendary gear from 5-7% per stack to 2-3% per stack.”

not that bad again.

But was all this really necessary? especially with the nightmare farming is? And where are the buffs for the trash tier gears? Has there even been a single buff since the game launched?

It’s unfortunate.

This is all stuff that could’ve easily been figured out and fixed in a beta period (either open or closed)

The game shouldn’t be making massive adjustments to characters or gear at this point. A couple percentage points here and there, sure. But knocking the boots from 35% to 5, the shard generator from 25 to 3 … These are completely changing the design of these items.


happens alllll the time in games like smite and such…Items are entirely reworked and games been around much longer, Borderlands destroyed bee/confrence plenty of time after release. You dont always realize how abuseable something is right away…

I think they over nerfed the Legendaries. Worries me about other ones too.

They have basically made these Legendaries useless. You spend so much time grinding for these Legendaries and then some people complain because they don’t have them and think it’s unfair that there’s no “counter” and it makes PvP harder for them.

These Legendaries are not worth 1800 shard grinds.

Way to go community. Way to go Gearbox. Forever RIP Worthy of Song and Right Behind You titles.

Guess I’ll stick with epics, commons, and one or two rares.

RIP Legendary gear worth the grind.


I think thats exactly the point I was trying to get at with this. Are they going to turn all the legionaries into crap?

Probably. They’re not very “Legendary” if they’re reputation is “Legendary pile of-”.

Basically, only tanks will get to use this. Lame.

To answer shortly, nope. There has been no buffs to any character or gear since launch.

The two disturbing ones from my point of view are the Leachsteal and Plasmite Transducer reductions.
I’ll never pay the extra ~1k+ shards to activate these for those tiny legendary bonuses over a blue or purple with the exact same primary/secondary bonuses.
3% on the Plasmite? While the Lorrian Purse Cutter is still 10%?
I’ll have a green, thanks and spend the extra on a giant minions, a turret and take the extra early level - it won’t even recoup the lost shards until you take ~40k damage.


uhhh no only high dps will get to use it its damage given not taken

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No it’s not, it’s damage taken…

ive been useing it since like the first week the game came out unless they,ve changed it its damage given

Well idk what to tell Ya it’s been damage taken since the first time I saw it, been playing since beta

image did you miss read since it was never damage taken

we were talking about plasmite transducer atleast I was the post above yours was also talking about the transducer

this was the original quote…

I didn’t see the icon that you had replied to the other guy I thought you were answering to the post directly above yours that was talking about the transducer

Just a misunderstanding

I tested Plasmite+QM Bin pretty extensively, and my teammates reported not receiving any shards while I was taking damage, and their end game shard values were much lower than I’d see if I’d collected the amount of shards I finished with.
I’m pretty sure they don’t work together, ie. you only share shards you collect from clusters with the QM Bin.
Speaking of the QM Bin, it is IMO one of the most OP legendary items when used on a good shard farmer, especially on Meltdown.

Huge disappointment. Playing Montana with the Transducer I ended one game with >16,000 shards to the next where I couldn’t even activate all my gear. Clearly 25% for Montana was overkill, now the piece is virtually worthless.

You probably have more experience with it. I just throw random things together that look like they have a synergy. Like deande’s legendary and the Intermittent angel, etc. But if that wasn’t even a thing before it than I guess it’s even less bad for me as I usually just ran the QM bin. Still really salty about the Mukluks. I was going to try my build out yesterday but then this happened.

P.S. dont go calling things OP lest we get that nerf hammer again. If everything gets nerfed to trash why farm?

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