Legendary out of a box

My little brother decided to go get the secret box located in the area where you wake up Mordecai for the first time, (you can also pick up a Flynts gun in the area) sorry I don’t know the name lol. He ended up opening the box and getting a Maggie. Since then I’ve opened it about 20 times and I’ve gotten 4 orange weapons, a couple of pinks, and a lot of purples. It may be effected a lot by the recent drop rate changes but it’s definitely something worth checking out if you guys are still on the hunt for some legendary weapons. Once I saw a chubby varkid on the way there and picked up a Whiskey Tango Foxtrot . It’s a nice run and something I thought this forum might be interested in checking out, let me know what you find!!

Thnx man. I found 2 legendary weapons in 10 runs. Great stuff!

I’ll have to check this out when I get home today I’ve never had a legendary weapon out of a box in bl2 and only twice in tps.

This was my first time also! Very cool find

For sure!

I know the map. But it’d be nice if you could point out where on the map. As I recall, I don’t think you can really get up to where Mordecai was on that map. I assume you’re actually referring to one of the red chests on the map. There’s one in a building that has an eletric field. There’s another on a cliff side near the varkid plateau. I think there’s another next to the train stop and one more up the conveyor belts.

If you spawn at the fast -travel stationgo a little forward than you go to the left and walk straight ahead till you see a cliff and jump off.there it is. Theres also a tower with a turret who shoots you if you go too far from the playground. Can’t miss it.

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Cool. Thanks. Yea that’s the one I listed above: “There’s another on a cliff side near the varkid plateau.”

As soon as you spawn ride the wall on the left until you see a cliff, jump off the cliff and you’ll see a red box down there!


It’s all the way past the Varkids in the snow towards the edge of the map to the west. You’ll see water and it looks like you would die if you jump off you won’t though.

Here’s the map image:


That chest has always been a good one, even before the drop rate increase. I found a legend in there back in 2012. While the rates are up, farm farm farm!

I’d be interested in more “data” on this, that is to say, hearing more and more people and what their results are. If this is just “crazy good luck” or there’s actually consistent results here.

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Definitely gonna try this out. Only found one legendary so far (level 21) and it’s a slag SMG which is kinda meh.

Didn’t even know there was a chest there.
Learn something new every day.

It’s one of the best-hidden chests in the game along with the one in Hero’s Pass. Good stuff.

Anyone farming Pyro Pete’s two red chests? I reset UHVM on my highest level toon so I currently don’t have anyone far enough into the DLC to farm them. You’d think there would be some great items turning up there….

I’ve been farming Pete and the boxes up in The Incredible Smell sewers, but they haven’t given anything better than E-Techs. I’ve read about people farming those chests and getting Legendaries, but I personally have never seen anything that good in them.

Still, Pete is more than worth farming in his own right, anyway, so might as well open the chests while you’re there.

Update : I tried about 25 times and didn’t get any legendary weapons out of the box but I did get some good blue weapons.

This was yesterday, I’m going to try it again today.